Bhiyao, We Indori are slayers whether it’s food or life we know how to standout, Indoris are blessed with immense talent,outstanding  sense of humour and  mouth watering dishes . Already crowned number one for India’s cleanest city ,We are heading towards more development .Apart of government contribution Indori janta plays a major role to make Indore city  no 1.

IndoreHD is purely indori by heart and defines every angle of Indoripan with high-definition. We have found the best typical Indori slang for you to burst into laughter. And if you ever connected with Indore, get ready to refresh some fun memories!

Through these 10 memes we will show why Indoris are best people to be with.

  • Don’t drink and drive’ is just an old school saying, we say ‘savdhaani hati nukti puri bati’ seedhi baat no bakwaas.



  • Miss you baby, agrhhh like this you show love to your best friends?bhiyao dost humari jaan hai hum poore hak se puchte  hai tere se milne ki ni ban ri hai kya?


  • Sacha prem dekhna hai toh indoriyo se seekhna, sahib khichdi se itna prem ha ki chammach jeb me rakh ke ghoomte hain kahin bhi khichdi mil sakti hai.


  • Jab koi Indori bole ye jo jabran hi mathe pad raha hai toh chupchaap nikal lo wahan se bhiyao ye tufaan  ke aane se pehle ki shanti hai


  • Shadi me dance and photo can wait for Indori but food can’t, because food is our bae. Bhiyao dimaag ke dhakkan khule na khule par hume to shaadi me khane ka dhakkan khulne ka intezaar rehta hai!


  • We don’t ask for lift we say ‘roz idhar se nilate ho kya bhiya!’.The Sassiest way of scooter pool.


  • Even Google is unable to search ways to detach Indoris from sev, because SEV is in our DNA.


  • Aankhen nikal ke gotiyan khelta hun main’ is rightly said by crime master GOGO to those people jinki nazro mei poha kharab hapoha-love-indore-indorehd


  • NEVER UNDERESTIMATE a Indori baniya. Indori baniya agar call attend kar le toh khushkismat ho tum warna, hum missed call mei  bhi matter niptana jaante hai.


  • Bhagwaan ki pooja ho ha ya pet pooja ho, we Indoirs know how to balance it best .Bhiya, ‘Subah om om raat ko nom nom’!



These were just few there are many more that you will know only in Indore! So, if you are an Indori, ‘Bhiyao, ram!’ and if not, man! you are missing on a lot. Stay tuned to  if you want to know what real Indore is!


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