In this hustle life when we do not even have time to laze away, why not opt for some coolest apps which will make your life easier and well organized? Have a  huge stack of irrelevant apps which haven’t been active like in ages? Are you in a dilemma of which app should be downloaded? So now sit back, relax because we have made your work easy. Just download the following listed apps and Hurray! Your work is done.

1. AirDroid: Remote Access and Files

While transferring the files from your mobile to your PC/Laptop, your data might get lost moreover, sometimes you don’t have a connecting cable. Here’s a solution! AirDroid connects and transfers data wisely without any loss to other processing systems.




2. Snapseed

Photography lovers! this app is solemnly made for you. Snapseed provides you various tools to enhance your photos which look no less than a professional photographer’s photo. This app does not cause any kid of disorganized and keeps a clean layout during editing.



3. Splitwise

Have a friend who never returns your money? Splitwise lets you keep a tab on who owes you money and your friends can do the same. It is best suitable for hostel students and college students.



4. Habitica: Gamify your task

It is like a bullet journal. Habitica is an online task management application run by HabitRPG, Inc. This app is more like a game than a monotonous task list. You get a score after you get a task done.



5. Tez

Just a click will help you transfer money from one Bank A/C to another. The most popular search Engine offers TEZ app. The awarding thing is getting reward points during each transfer. It is a secured form of transferring money in just a few seconds.



6. Slader

Have a problem doing homework? Need guidance? Try Slader! Homework answer is a textbook answer. It is a sharing app and site used by middle school, high school, and college students. It shows step by step procedure for your required answer besides it, contains tons of books.



7. CamScanner

Turn your phone or tablet into a scanner. CamScanner is easy to use, scans any document and converts it into PDF format. This app uses phone’s camera to take pictures of the document to be scanned. It is personalized in a way that you can crop, edit, and put filters. 



8. Hopper

Travel a lot? Hopper saves you serious money by finding the best time to book a plane ticket. Based on the data crunching this app tells you which is the best suitable time to buy a ticket. Happy Travelling!



9. Foodgawker

Checking out thousands of recipes and that too just by a click is a dream come true for every home-made chef. In an app, you will get all the desired recipes and don’t have to google for every single question. You can also get what all you can make from the items present in your refrigerator, foodgawker will do the filtering for you.  



10. Google keep

Google keep helps you to set reminders, store important notes and checklists, allows formatting of those data, and put tags on your notes.  Label up your data with direct links and you can easily search it later. Oh, a nice song! But you want to download later on, busy in some work. Keep is always your option. Label up your data with direct links and you can easily search it later.



Aren’t these the most astounding apps of all, they make your work done in just a snap of fingers. So, don’t waste your time, go ahead and download these super cool apps. If you know about more such apps, comment below!


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