Are you planning to start a business or seeking a part time opportunity in Indore, well if that is your case then we have got some great food business ideas in a city that ‘never stops eating’.  Summers are on the chart and everyone is looking out for ways to beat the heat. Now these seasonal requirements of major population of the city can be catered through some light weight pocket investments in summer food businesses, which can give you a good return with an objective of making profits.

If you are amongst them and want to initiate your own business in the food industry, here we bring you the list of trending summer food business in Indore.

1) Fruit chat center:

You can try your hand on fruit chaats, as Mangoes are something which happens to be the best in summers. With a  high demand and better availability of fruits in summers, planning a business at this time definitely is a money-spinning situation. Along with the Indori flavour that gets added to the chaat it is one of the healthiest solution for the customers in summers. Getting a mixed plate of fruits, having the different varieties is the optimum requirement of any customer to recharge and refresh himself.

You don’t need cooking skills and extensive business plan to become a seller. If you are creative enough and love to decorate the fruit plate than this can be your cup of tea.

A plate of Fruit Chaat cost around 30 Rs, to 50 Rs. which is good enough to fill your gallas.


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2) Juice Centre/ Madhushala / Coconut Water

Juice has always been the life line for people in hot summers. If served fresh with an innovative touch in flavors, your business can become a brand name. Juices will find their lovers even in the smallest streets, but your business will find costumers on busy streets, choice is yours!  

It might turn into the most profitable idea and if you are always busy in finding new flavors to serve, this is your platform. Other than sugar cane the biggest selling items of summers are Lassi , Indori shikanji  and fruit juices ,these addition will extend your menu to the next profit levels.

Every glass will add a small amount to your pocket, and soon you will have a filled one.


Source: talkingstreet

3) Ice Cream Parlor and Ice Balls

Kulfi better known as Kesar Pista is more than enough to woo anyone. It’s very obvious that sale of thandi kulfi is much hotter in summers than winter. Indore is a place where people love to eat desserts and in summers what’s better than an ice cream; a creamy concoction that is delicately fragrant and frozen. Lots of flavors and yuminess!

An ice cream business can be initiated in two ways, as a parlor or just a kiosk. Addition of ice lollies (barf ka gola) in your place would add on costumers for you.


source: foodiebayindia

4) Flavor Soda / Anti Soda

In recent years the trend of flavored soda knocked the city and got a handsome response from Indoris. A machine with colorful nozzles are capable of providing taste filled soda drinks. The varieties provided are very appreciated and loved.A single machine is enough to start the business, but if you’re looking for better response, you will have to build it bigger.

If you believe in going traditional Anti-soda (bottle soda) is a also a great choice.


source: youtube

5) Cold Coffee

A cold coffee with ice cream or without ice cream?? a usual question vendors ask to almost all the customers. We can say Indoris are huge coffee lovers. Over the past decade the number of coffee shops and cafes have tremendously increased. Those who are huge fans of coffee can initiate coffee shop business, depending upon their capital investment. Cold coffee is a chocolaty treat as well as it makes you feel full.  Best way to beat the hot weather and calm your hunger pangs is filled in a plastic cup!  For this business you will have two ways, either you can start the business independently or you may consider buying a franchise. Serve delicious coffee or enjoy some, its all upto you!

6) Packaged Drinking Water

Starting from Re 1 pouch to 20 litre can of water, scorching summer demands for it. In this season people are becoming heavily dependent on packaged drinking water.  Although the market of mineral water is a whole year business but in summers these businesses mark a huge hike in sales. If we consider the demand of water, it has a huge market from small retail shops to big companies. Also now drinking packaged water is not a luxury, but necessity. If you have a substantial capital investment, packaged drinking water is one of the most profitable business ideas in Indore.


Source: wavypurewater

7) Dahi Puri

How can an Indori resist the street food, as in summer people tend to stay at a bay from pani puri, they love to try hands on Dahi Puri. A crispy puri stuffed with boiled potato mix and served with cold yogurt, topped with indori sev and masala makes it a delisious street treat. The colorful presentation and soothing taste bounds people to have more.

A small Stall can work for you, you just need to work on your magical hands.


Source: scoopwhoop

8) Poha and Namkeen

Well if we talk about Poha and Namkeen this can be classified into Sada Bahar Business idea. You don’t have to think too much before openning a Poha counter.  Soon you will start counting rupees at cash counter.

An average Poha plate cost you around 10 Rs to 15 Rs and if your recipe is good enough and your location of shop complements it than selling around 500 to 1000 plate a day is a very common deal.


9) Ice Seller

Refrigeration or reducing the temperatures in hot summers is one of the biggest issues faced by various FMCG brands and event organizers. one of the major issues with the Ice Block providers is the hygiene and the cleanliness of water, if one can monitor the quality of ice production than this business is profitable and long lasting.


Source: blogspot

10) Cold Drinks / Aerated Drinks

An investment of refrigerator will work with this  idea, you can also innovate your own  recipe of flavored drink and launch it under your brand name. We think these cool ideas will help you  to take a super cool decision this summer, to start your own venture. If you have any suggestions or ideas, please feel free to share with us.


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