After being entitled as “The Cleanest City of India”, For The Third Time, Indore has embarked its presence globally. In a world population of 7.6 billion, India contains a small part of 1.3 billion with Indore making its presence with 41 lakh people each contributing in making Indore the cleanest city. But, do you think it’s enough? We should work on modeling Green Indore now! The major factors which will contribute towards it are energy efficiency, Eco-friendly transport, social inclusion etc. Let’s now talk about one of the most impactful and needed factors which will help us take a step forward in making Indore Greener. Go Green!

We’ve come up with some ways with which we can help in making Green Indore:

Plentiful Parks

Park life is an important aspect in go green morcha. Indore city can also be known as “City of Parks”, don’t you think so? Planting a million trees across the city is what we should target next. It will help the city residents to take a deep breath in natural air and relax.

Indore Green-plentiful-parks-indore-indorehd


Green Schools

Ready, Set, Go! With some fun activities in school, the children of our city can give a small contribution in going greener. Why not create a green club? With the help of parents and teachers, children can make their own club in which they can keep a record of how much each kind of waste material is generated in school and they can have a competition of making best out of waste. These students can even plant small gardens in the school property or make a vegetable garden for the school.

Indore Green-green-school-indore-indorehd


Green at Work

By conserving your computer’s energy, minimizing the use of papers and printers, one can go green at the workplace. Maintain a healthy air flow around your cubical or office by opening windows to increase air flow and by using non-toxic cleaning products.

Indore Green-green-at-workplace-indore-indorehd


Green Transport

Green Transport is the way that can be implemented very easily. The different modes of green transportation are bicycles, electric bikes, multiple occupant vehicles etc. By ditching our regular modes of transportation such as our cars, bikes, scooters which run on petrol and diesel, we can easily set a benchmark for other cities. Walk more!

Indore Green-green-transport-indore-indorehd


Green Buildings

Material selection by constructors during the construction of building plays an important role in maintaining the sustainability of the city. The materials can be anything, from renewable products to wood from vendors. Nowadays, a gardening is also done on the vertical pillars which can purify the areas around resulting in fresh air. Can you develop the hobby of the gardening? So, why not have a roof-top garden? Go, challenge your inner gardener!

Indore Green-green-buildings-indore-indorehd


Green Marketing

Understanding green marketing is very important. What is green marketing? It involves a broad range of activities like product modification and changes in production process. The most important factor is sustainable packaging. Eco-friendly form of packaging by using biodegradable materials will be a lot of help to avoid the use of enormous amounts of space in landfills.

Indore Green-green-marketing-indore-indorehd


Green Cart

Reducing waste generation, recycling, incineration, composting etc are some of the basic techniques of disposal. A conscious decision should be made in how one can reduce the threat of increasing growth of waste materials.

Some basic ways can be to opt for paper packaging, avoid the use of straws because it takes up to 200 years to completely decompose and stop smoking. Do you know cigarettes take around 1-2 years to decompose? besides it’s dangerous for your health too. Plastic water bottles, plastic utensils, plastic caps, and lids take an average of 700 years to decompose. Imagine, a discarded plastic water bottle will still exist in the year 2468 too, while a paper bag will degrade just in a month. Think about it replace your plastic with paper.

Indore Green-green-cart-indore-indorehd


Save Electricity

Switch It Off and Save should be the mantra of every Indori. Switch your traditional bulbs with LED. They are up to 80% more efficient, are cost-effective and save a lot of your energy consumption. Solar panels installed in your house can save your long bills along with that it will contribute to the greener Indore city.

Indore Green-save-electricity-indore-indorehd


Water, water everywhere!

Around 75% of the water consumed is gained by the surface water from lakes, rivers etc. There is a huge demand for groundwater for its rational use. Conserving groundwater at your home will create a huge impact. Conserving of groundwater can be done by properly maintaining the septic tanks, conserving rainwater, and watering your plants wisely at the coolest time of the day. Other ways by which you can conserve water are- use clothes washer for only full loads, check faucets and pipes for leaks regularly, ditch shower and use the water in required amount for bathing or else take five-minute shower challenge, it would be both time and water saving.

Indore Green-save-water-indore-indorehd


Energy Policies

Follow smart energy policies, buy renewable energy and boost efficiency measures. It will help create a greener market. Say no to coal and plastic. Both of these are not included in the recipe of sustainability. To generate electricity, use solar panels and windmills. Turn off your ignition when you halt for red lights. Ditch LPG and use a solar cooker.

Indore Green-energy-policies-indore-indorehd


If every individual contributes at a small level, it will create a huge difference when we all do it together because little things when merged together give a huge output as a whole. So, take small steps at a time to reach the day when Indore wins the title of “Greenest City”! Contribute to #PlantAMillionTree by planting trees at your home, organization, workplace and surroundings! Together, we will do it!


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