Monsoon  is around the corner and according to Indian Monsoon Department this year’s rain is going to be a lot more than the average. This is a Great News for everyone on comparison with last year. Indoris love the season of monsoon, they usually love to roam around the city and taste lots of good food. This summer has gone too far in numbers of temperature so, this monsoon has to be amazing for everyone.  IndoreHD  found some interesting  stuff for Indori Monsoon lovers which fascinates them the Most in this season :

Kesariya Doodh at Chhavni

Nothing is more tempting then boiling milk surrounded with thick layer of malai and dry fruits topped on it. No added preservatives, no added color, just purely Indori. This whole temptation reaches to next level when there is dripping water and cold breeze around you. Well, maybe that’s why Indoris love monsoon while standing on one of the most famous tapri of Indore.



Chai is not a word for indoris, it’s an emotion! Indoris don’t start their day without having a “kadak Masala chai”. Sipping slowly every drop of chai while sitting in the balcony with showers outside is one of best rejuvenated feelings in this monsoon. Every area has that special Chai tapri which becomes a great place for hangouts and moreover the best converations happen over a simple but magical masala chai. Once a man said: A perfect marriage is monsoon and a hot cup of tea!



Poha is one thing indoris can’t resist. Indoris loves Poha in every season. It is one of the most fascinating thing for an indori. Poha in every form is delicious. Morning cold showers and Poha are one of the best  combination an Indori can have. Flattened rice made in indori style is cherished by all age groups in Indore. Poha is must needed in monsoon for enjoying a refreshing morning every day . So, make sure you stock some Poha at your homes.Poha-monsoon-Indore-IndoreHD

Unexpected Meetups

One thing that makes Indore the best city to live in is the brotherhood. Maybe, you can be friends with everyone in India after a casual talk of 5 mins but in Indore it seems that you are brothers for life after just 2 mins. Well, that’s the beauty of Indore. Rains give a reason to stop at places and with a group and then who knows how long you can hold a conversation.

Not only the new ones, even destiny makes old relations strike again and as usual, connectivity grows back between relations.


Moong bhajiya (Moongode)

Yup, we know that moong bhajiye isn’t only about Indore, but! Indori monsoon is all about ‘garama-garam’ mangode.  Streets of Indore are filled with crowd collected near Moong bhajiya stalls. When every lot of crispy bhajiye is filtered out from oil, the only though which runs in mind is,”Pehle, idhar de do bhiya!”   And every bite of it satisfies both heart and soul.

Are you looking for other monsoon delicacies of Indore? Here is a link that you should definitely visit!


Corn (bhutta) 

Corn is most loved in the season of monsoon. There are many delicious dishes which are made of corn and they are highly nutrious too. Indoris usually prepare corn in coal stoves which gives a smoky flavor in them and also they are garnished with red chilli powder, citric and salt. Indoris also like corn dishes like bhutte ka kis, sweet corn, rosted corn and bhutte ke bhajiye.Corn-Indore-IndoreHD


The crispy and spicy taste of papad fascinates indori. Papads are usually taken in lunch and dinner but in monsoon they are taken as a snacks with different vegetables like onion, tomato, cucumber chopped on top of it to form an ultimate taste.Masala-Papad-Indore-IndoreHD 

DVD’s “Hits of Kishore Kumar, Mohammad Rafi and Lata Mangeshkar

Monsoon feels nice when there is good music around you. These stuff feels sterling if there are good songs mostly related to showers of the rain. The songs of 90’s will take you to nostalgia of the old times. Some songs can create an atmosphere where everyone can enjoy and pass on positive monsoon vibes.Kishore-lata mangeshkar_MohammadRafi-Indore-IndoreHD 


Samosas are one of the famous morning breakfast among indoris . They are crispy and spicy stuffed with potatoes in it. The crisp and soft inside filled with flavors comes with great combination in monsoon. Samosas are eaten with both types of chutneys.Monsoon-Samosa-Indore-IndoreHD


A hot cup of Coffee can change any mood. There’s a quote : If coffee can’t fix it, it’s a serious problem. Coffee, monsoon and books are best combination one can have in monsoon sitting near a window where the breezy winds enter. Coffee is the drink no one can resist specially in the monsoon, slightly cold weather. There are more than 350 Cafe in Indore where you can take a mug of coffee and sit around and can relish monsoon movements.Coffee-Indore-IndoreHD

Long Drives (bye-pass)

Monsoon calls for a long drive in outer suburbs of the city. Usually Indoris go for long drives to see the affectionate view of Nature. One can have a quality time with family through long drives and can feel the amazing complexion of monsoon.ByPass-Longride-Indore-IndoreHD 

There is no doubt that India is the land of diversity. Diversity in landscape, languages, culture, values and more. The season of monsoon is to explore the undiscovered places. Visiting the places likes hills stations  gives you monsoon vibes and also they are refreshing. This Season creates amazing atmosphere in environment with cold winds everyone can see those breath taking views.   


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