The hardest thing to decide for a girl includes choosing a perfect outfit for the day. But there is something which makes it even harder, that is pairing up those outfits with best going footwear. Purchasing a pair according to each outfit is only possible in fantasy world.  We understand you ladies! And that’s why we have found a list of footwear which would go with most of the attires in your wardrobe. Match them with your favorite dress or pair them up with jeans, you will look flattering. Pick these from market and then you wouldn’t need any backup option. So, open your wardrobe and start counting.

Neutral Pumps

If you are ready with the outfit, you just need to pick up the pumps.  Pumps add grace to your dress and even define your denim look. Choose nude pumps to avoid color combinations unless your outfits are of similar shade. Try nude pumps with a red vibrant legging and a long white kurti. Nude pumps fit well for Indian attires too.



Flat sandals are a must pick. Flats are an incredible combination of comfort and sassy look.  They flatter your feet with any kind of outfit. Even with those pajamas you love! Flip Flops are perfect for a small walk in your casual wear whereas juttis / Kolhaapuris  Look great with Indian wear like kurta pyajamas. Try them out with various outfits, and you will find amazing results. But please don’t combine flat flip-flops with formal office wears.



While sorting out footwear for your sporty look, you will meet the family of sneakers. Who needs shoes, when we have sneakers, Right girls? They are light weight shoes, as you needed.  If you pick the right pair of contrasting sneakers with your cute little dress, you are surely a trend setter. Sneakers work well for every type, whether bold or cute, it’s always a right match. Sneakers aren’t the ones you would choose with a formal wear, make sure of it.



Boots are always pictured as sophisticated western wear. But it is a must part of shoe rack in Indian homes too. If you are planning to wear a pretty little white dress for the party tonight, pick up a pair of red velvet ankle boots. Boots are a symbol that you will rock the party. Formal wear demand for high heel boot / bootie. Indian wear are even though not the right choice to be made with boots. 



Store them for every occasion, and they will become reason for your joy. Ballet flats give you choice between tremendous colors, patterns and textures, so that your look stays ahead. Remember, leather textured ballets with heels are well appreciated with formals .Purchase a pair of metallic sneakers or go with white lace ones, and you won’t ever be wrong .Wear a denim jacket, black jeans and then put your feet in classic canvas white flat ballerinas, for a bold classy look.


Now you know your wardrobe well. These all footwear are a mandatory part of a fashionable wardrobe. You can achieve any outline by mix matching these brogan and foot gear anytime, only if you have these in your stock. Never be worried about choosing the right pair, cause your choice is exceptional, know it!

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