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8 Desi Summer Drinks to Make Your Summer Super Cool!

Indoris need taste in every sip. Blistering heat demands cool and refreshing drinks but taste buds won’t accept anything less than ‘yum’. Summer is here and thirst for tempting combinations will again conquer our busy days. That’s why Indians have found the perfect blend for health, taste and refreshment. These summer beverages are purely desi and are capable of satisfying a parched throat. These beverages won’t let you get dehydrated and will beat up the heat for you. Here is a list of selected refreshing Indian potions that you need to try this summer:  

Kairi panna

Our elders always pour care and love in everything. Kairi panna is a khatta-meetha treat for summers.  Flavors of unriped mangoes and traditional spices like jeera and dhania with sweetness of sugar is what makes it a popular summer drink of India. Have it on a regular basis and feel rejuvenated. It has healing powers for improving digestion and even protects you from Summer winds (Loo).


Ganne Ka Ras (Sugarcane Juice)

Heat soaks away our energy and we are left feeling like a drained body. Ganne ka ras or sugarcane juice is Indian way to defeat the power of heat and stay hydrated and lively. It is a wonderful natural source of glucose that is specially available everywhere in summers. The way it is sold on any street cart makes it more special. Sugarcane is grinned with lemon to prepare a mouth-watering taste. Topped with mixture of different salts and ice cubes, this glass is heavenly in a sunny day.



Buttermilk or Chhaach

Chaach is a traditional drink prepared with yogurt, water and spices. Salted Chaach is in high demand and one of the most consumed beverages in northern and central India. Buttermilk is a watery form of salted yogurt , which is a sure shot drink to cool your stomach. Taste can be added through some pudina (mint) leaves and small piece of ginger. Chhaachh is generally confused as lassi but there is a very mild difference between the two; chhaachh is more dilute than lassi and does not have added sugar in it. Have it as a complementary drink for your daily meal and stay healthy!


Nimbu Soda / Anti Soda

Benefits of refreshing lemon juice are well known to the world. But a mix match of khatta nimbu and popping soda is a perfect summer drink for north Indians. This carbonated lemon flavored drink is enjoyed by many names in different regions like Nimbu Masala Soda, Batli Soda, Goti soda, or Limbu soda. Lemon soda is a drink which helps to cool down hot acidity and leaves a chilling effect in your body.




Jaljeera is an appetizer with cooling properties. Jaljeera has a very tangy drop and even though the name suggests cumin water, but the flavor reminds us of many strong spices and herbs. A glass of this spicy, sour and aromatic drink includes flavors of mint, tamarind, ginger, fennel and black pepper. It also works as a digestive for people with full stomach.  



Lassi is ‘the drink’ of Punjab but is popular worldwide. Lassi offers various variations and is consumed according to desired taste. It may comprise of cardamom and chopped nuts or dry fruits or you can give a nice smooth texture and flavor by adding fruits like mango, strawberry, kiwi and many more. It can help in revitalizing all the body systems. If varieties of lassi are to be named, these ones will be amongst the top ones; mint lassi, mango lassi, banana walnut lassi, sweet lassi.



Coconut Crush

Coconut water is believed to be beneficial for skin, health, hydration and what not! A little twist added to regular coconut water, transforms it into coconut crush. More precisely make a fusion of coconut water and coconut cream with appropriate sugar and ice cubes, and enjoy healthy and tasty blend. Coconut crush also extends for creativity. Remix the casual drink with variations of fruits or create a mocktail out of it.



If normal drinks aren’t that special for you, Indians have a beverage which is an overloaded desert. The best weapon to beat up scorching heat is ice cream and if you’re willing to drink it up, falooda is your treat. Traditionally made from mixing rose syrup, vermicelli, sweet basil seeds and pieces of jelly and often topped up with a scoop of ice cream. Falooda is a delicious dessert in the form of a drink.


It is important to be hydrated but who says that hydration can’t be delicious! Enjoy summers and welcome heat because you know that you have the fun balloons ready. Juices and shakes are forever an option, but some special fruits which are meant to be enjoyed in summers, like watermelon, mango and many others should never go wasted. Mango milkshake is largely loved by Indians, and is highly nutritious. To avoid any kind of damage by harmful rays, keep yourself fit and full. These mellow drinks will help you to open gates of refreshment and zeal. Every sip counts!

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