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8 Important Things for your Self Defense which will make you more stronger!

You are shivered when that night passes by your thoughts, but in this bright sunny day you’re very confident that you will punch on his face, the next time it happens. Maybe, plans about how to avoid scary nights or fight back with dark days are already ready with you. But are you sure that you will be a true warrior for yourself? We know that you’re strong, and this blog will explain your strengths and teach you a lot about Self Defense, so that you will be a warrior with right skills.

There are a few very basic things you need to work on before getting to the real part. Each body suppresses two kinds of strength, mental and physical, and both of them are equally important. Here are some ground rules of achieving mental strength:


 If your eyes reflect the confidence in you, show them burning eyes. Every girl feels that she is bold enough to stand against, but real situations are much scarier than imagination. There is a small exercise you can perform so that, those flames will actually light up. You must have gone for night walks, at least you have thought about it before. Do it now! Start from going with parents or siblings, then slowly start maintaining a little difference of space from them while walking, and after few days you will be ready to walk alone on those dark streets all alone. Those defective pieces don’t have guts to face a real woman.


Mental balance

Confidence and mental balance are interlinked, but they are two different things. Confidence will give you the power to face whereas mental strength will help you to fight back. Here is an idea, create bad situations.  Imagination is a very powerful weapon. Stand in front of a mirror, and imagine your worst fear walking towards you, be bold and let it come, don’t blink your eye, stay steady, make eye contact with it, you can do it. At first it seems to be very challenging, but it will simply increase your mental strength and will make you brave enough. If you’re too scared, start with a small fear, and then gradually grow.


Trust yourself 

Nothing is going to work if you aren’t prepared enough. Use a small tip as the base step for Self Defense, keep yourself fit and healthy and believe your intuitions. Worst cases mostly include known monsters. You will be heartbroken later, but don’t keep your intuitions aside just because you think you know him.  That does not mean you have to be scared of everyone, just know that you have a power with you and that will always be by your side.


You’re ready to stand in front and stare back to those vicious eyes, but to fight back you have to move in action too. Action has to be very powerful and planned. It’s very obvious that you are scared but then just take a deep breath and take a second to calm yourself by thinking about something you are proud of. Don’t let anyone see, your inner feelings.  List of brilliant moves have been listed below, but more importantly keep yourself fit and ready for any situation. Remember one thing, maybe you are sensitive and emotional and due to social pressure you may be less sure about your victory, but remember it isn’t about only your safety, it’s about every girl’s fear. If you give up today without trying, many would never even think about trying!


Any human cannot bear even a single particle in his eye. No matter how strong he is, a poke of smallest finger in eyes is deadly painful. Wait for the right time, and then use your fingers with maximum pressure. Be quick, so that he won’t be able to judge your action.



There are soft muscle tissues around ears, and thus makes it a sensitive part of body. A single slap if targeted properly on ears will distract man for more than minutes. Hitting or punching ears is easy to look, but it has to be targeted properly and with power, therefore do it only if it’s easily accessible.



Exercise and training can help you gain strong muscles around almost every part of body, except some. Those some include nostrils too.  An attack of straight palm on nose will affect his nose, and a little extra power will lead to bleeding. A hard push on nose or a strong punch is strongly effective.



The middle part of neck is a deadly sensitive area. If you’re not capable of chocking your opponent, you can use your hand and pressurize a karate chop and take away his breath. The lower valley of throat isn’t much protected, therefore in case of extreme danger grab it with your fingers and he won’t be able to move.



It’s a very well-known fact that most sensitive part of a man’s body is groin. A classic kick would be enough to make him sit on his knees. Use your knees, full kick or grab his testes and hit with full power. It will cause an unbearable pain and the person won’t be able to stand for a long time. He would be so hurt that any other strong move on him, can even knock him out.


Hand & Fingers

Hand and Fingers bend only in a single side and are flexible in a limited way. Fingers are not only useful to hit but even opponent’s fingers can be used to hurt him. Fingers bend only in a single side and are flexible in a limited way. Twisting hand needs no rocket science, just a powerful and sudden stroke. Push hand or fingers in the opposite direction and he won’t be able to point finger towards any other girl.


Women are known for carrying a huge purse with them, which is mysteriously equipped with amazing self-defence items. Here is a small list of weapons you always carry with you, but have never noticed.

  • Deodorant or perfume is very harmful for eyes.

  • Pen has a very sharp end and therefore can be used to hit any sensitive point.

  • Keys or key chain can be very useful if they have keen ends.

  • Heavy bag or purse are like heavy rocks, hit a man with it, and he will be lying on the streets.

  • Belt on your jeans is not only a way to keep your dress tight but also a weapon to tighten the loose minds.

  • High heels are very fashionable and pointed. Use its style to change their statement. Even sandals can be used to hit hard.

  • Earrings or necklaces are trendy and heavy. If you hit someone with them, a scar on face is very sure.

  • Coins are small yet strong metal. If you notice someone approaching from far away and don’t find any rocks nearby, collect coins and throw it on them, better if you do it in bunch and with a target.

Now that you have learned the basics for self-defense, you’re ready for any unexpected incident. Awareness is the biggest key, and more importantly believe in you.  You can take proper training for martial arts or just self-defense. Both are available easily now a days. And if you’re a professional please do consider training about this art even in rural areas.  It’s time to make those vicious men feel scared about their life!

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