15+ Diwali Gifting Ideas For Family & Friends!

Be it any festival in India, it is celebrated with great pomp and show but the aura of the festival- Diwali is different. It is undoubtedly the most awaited festival of the year. Be it a child or grandparents, everybody loves the festival of lights and sweets. The festival marks the victory of good over […]

indore art galleries

Top 4 Art Galleries of Indore You Must Visit

The list of expressive adjectives for a beautiful art never ends! Some express their astonishment with single words like ‘wow’, ‘incredible’ and some use beautiful phrases. But what matters the most is the satisfaction of the artist with his own work and you can see a reflection of it in his smile. An art piece […]

rangoli design

5 Trending Rangoli Designs from different traditions of India

Some traditions become amusing with every passing year, just like Rangoli. Rangolis are something every Hindu has been astonished by since childhood. During all the major festivals of Hindu religion, a beautiful set of colors drawn in an incredible pattern can be found on the main entrance. Just like every person in a family shows a different […]

wajid khan- the nail artist

A Journey From Scratch To Art – Wajid Khan, Indore

We have always heard that every human being has a god gifted talent and it just needs to be polished. But some call it passion! Only when a talent becomes a passion, the world gets to know his name. One such name has been recognized by the world today, but his journey from talent to […]


A Candid Talk with Pointillist Painter Aparna Bidasaria

We got a chance to share a few moments with an eminent artist from Indore – Aparna Bidasaria. Her style of painting & putting colors on canvas will surely inspire a lot of budding artists from our city; that made us conversate with her.  When did art take shape in your life? It always existed […]

DJ Syrah : A Girl from Indore is recreating music and making the nation dance

Music needs no introduction it runs in every vein and heart. Everyone knows how to step up to the tunes but very few can make you dance to their own. Indore HD had a talk with one such rising artist from Indore about traversing and recreating music-DJ Syrah! In no time DJ Syrah has been […]