Top 15 Images By Aakash Ranison That Are Sure To Hit You With Awe!

Life’s full of surprises, moments that are worth living and amazing slots of time where you find yourself living close to nature. Akash Ranison is a guy who believes to live it out loud and he leaves no stone unturned when it comes to exploring places in and around Indore and he never misses a […]


Aakash Ranison – An Ambivert Rover from Indore

An extrovert traveller and an introvert from the core this boy from Indore realised he couldn’t be a chooser but could definitely be a choice maker. He chose to take challenges at a very young age, he chose to be an achiever, he chose to be a Travelpreneur! Aakash Ranison born as Aakash Mishra had […]


A Candid Talk with Pointillist Painter Aparna Bidasaria

We got a chance to share a few moments with an eminent artist from Indore – Aparna Bidasaria. Her style of painting & putting colors on canvas will surely inspire a lot of budding artists from our city; that made us conversate with her.  When did art take shape in your life? It always existed […]

In conversation with Indore’s Leading Fashion Designer Megha Jain Madaan

Megha Jain Madaan – A management student who followed her passion and became India’s top notch designer from Indore, has got many things that would inspire you and change the way you look at fashion and the efforts behind it. Having worked with India’s most eminent designers she has carved a niche in the fashion […]


Phixman : This Startup of Indore is taking mobile repairing to a next level

After a long time, amidst thousands of Mobile repair services in Indore centres, emerges a brand that not only promises you the best Smartphone service, but does it in the most technologically advanced way possible. Ladies and gentlemen; meet Phixman Indore. Here’s a ‘man’ who’s going to take care of all your gadgets repair needs; […]


Pulpypapaya- A Haven for All Things Eco-Friendly

The last time we featured Pulpypapaya on our page, we never thought it would create such a stir amongst the art starved people in Indore. The response was immense and in tune with that, we bring you a detailed peek into the store, giving you the dope on what’s on offer, what can you buy […]

Impact 2017: Why You Must Attend This TEDx Event At IIT Indore

For those of you who don’t know what is TED and what this is all about, it is a non-profit collective that is devoted on spreading ideas, bringing positivity and information covering areas like Technology, Entertainment and Design. What makes them more popular and worth listening to, is their immense knowledge on the subject where […]


Labels and Class, Fashion and Desire: Gotraa Store Indore, your designer destination

Are you bored of the shopping scene in Indore, where you have limited options? Are you looking out for designer dresses and accessories, which set you apart from the Indori crowd? Are you looking out for dresses from big designers? Do you want a collection in your wardrobe, that lets you brag about while keeping […]


MakeUp Talk with Mehak Dawar, The Promising Makeup Artist from Indore

IndoreHD is always keeping a close eye on the fresh & budding talents around the town. Our platform always creates the synergy between talents & opportunities for all those who seems to be promising to the city. This time, Team Indore HD got a chance to have a fabulous date with one of the most promising […]


25 Things About Indore that will make every Indori Proud

Indore – The commercial capital of Indore is not only popular for Business prospects & Food, but there are lot of Things about Indore that makes EK NUMBER ! Several Records & great things find them happening in this city only. Here we bring you some of the very interesting facts about Indore which will definitely […]