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5 Simple Steps to Keep a Count on Your Health

Hectic lifestyles and work pressures leaves most of us with virtually no time to take care of our health and bodies and this takes a severe toll on our mental as well as physical fitness. Though, people are getting aware of healthy lifestyle and eating and they do want to bring a positive change in […]

Terrace Gardens: Perfect Way to Bring Serenity at Your House

Terrace gardens used to be quite a thing in the old times, where people had this lush green setting at a small space, open to the sky near their drawing room. We are happy to see this trend getting back in the business and to see more people are setting up terrace gardens in their […]

Freshometer- This startup from Indore is changing the scenario of Healthy lifestyle!

How do you like your food? Healthy, tasty and fresh are our priorities! And what if we ask you, how do you like your body care supplements? You may reply quietly to yourself about all the sacrifice you make for a fit and healthy body, but again we like it in a way that says […]


8 Desi Summer Drinks to Make Your Summer Super Cool!

Indoris need taste in every sip. Blistering heat demands cool and refreshing drinks but taste buds won’t accept anything less than ‘yum’. Summer is here and thirst for tempting combinations will again conquer our busy days. That’s why Indians have found the perfect blend for health, taste and refreshment. These summer beverages are purely desi […]

Eat your way to better health with these Super foods!

Don’t have time to look after your health? Read on to know about easily available super foods that are day-to-day items we consume without knowing their real potential! 10-8 jobs, No time for a healthy lifestyle and meetings and projects deadlines. All these things have left us with fat accumulating around our body and we […]

Give your lifestyle a boost with these commonly used spices!

Spices add more than just flavor to your plate, they are extremely beneficial for a healthy lifestyle as well! We decided to list 5 beneficial spices for a healthy lifestyle that would not only help you to boost the taste in your dishes, but will also give you some really good health benefits!  When you hear […]


First Time in Central India – Blood Stem Cell Donation Awareness Camp in Indore

DATRI Blood Stem Cell Donors Registry will be organising an awareness campaign in Indore where they will be educating people about the merits of Blood Stem Cell Donation and will encourage people to participate in the donation in order to save millions of lives of people, who are in dire need of stem cells. DATRI […]