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क्या आपका बिज़नेस Online है? आप उठा सकते हैं Whatsapp के इस नये feature का फायदा!

While technology is bringing the world closer and opening endless possibilities for business owners big or small, Whatsapp just launched its new feature for business owners to help them reach customers via smartphones. A new feature, by the name – ‘catalogs’ will now allow businesses to showcase their products to potential customers. This visual aid […]

These 7 New Whatsapp Features Will Make Your Lives Easier!

Instant messaging services have sure taken a big space in our lives and in the emerging competitive market, it is better to have a platform which is updated with the latest features for user convenience. So, today we tell you more about the most awaited features to be introduced in whatsapp : The Dark Mode […]

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IIT Indore Invents Robotic Jellyfish To Keep A Check On The Marine Ecosystem. Know How!

Students under the guidance of IA Palani, head of Mechatronic and instrumentation laboratory (Asst. Prof. of Mechanical Engineering IIT Indore) have developed polymer-based soft robotic jellyfish for noiseless marine life monitoring. According to Palani, soft robotics is an emerging domain in the field of robotics, which has challenged traditional engineering approaches. According to him, Shape […]


Influencer yet? These Social Media Dos and Don’ts can help you become one!

Everyone is talking about the Influencer trend on Social Media, infact these few years have seen a rapid rise in how we view Social Media! Now every picture people post is a creative zing between righteousness and wanting to be a Diva. Well, nothing wrong in that until things go a little too vain, a […]