“Bombay meri Jaan toh Indore meri dhadkkan.” 

When was the last time you visited Bombay? Have you ever tasted its street food and after coming back craved for it? Your wait is over, don’t worry. Since we can’t go to Bombay frequently why not bring Bombay here. Let’s have a taste of Asli Bambaiya chaat in Mini Bombay. From using all the raw materials to using the exact particular technique of making it, Chatori Chachi knows it all.

Here’s a list of Asli Bambaiya Dishes & Drinks that you shouldn’t miss at Chatori Chachi!

Vada Paav

With its crispiness of vada to the pepperiness of its masala, Chatori Chachi gives you the ultimate combination of it made by her own hands. Trust me, it’s getting real having this kind of taste in Indore. Even though you are not a fan of Vada Paav, you will love what they serve you.


Bomb Sev Puri

Isn’t the name enough to define its taste? It’s a “Chota Packet Bada Dhamaka” in your mouth. These are small delicious potato cups barbecued on traditional sigdi, filled with chatpata sev puri filling, and served with a chutney.


Paav Bhaji

The hosh-posh small area which gives the tastiest paav-bhaji in Bombay, any idea? The people who visited Bombay know it well, Amar Paav-Bhaji. Ever wondered you will have that taste in Indore? Chatori Chachi is the key to having the perfect paav-bhaji in Indore. It serves a variety of pav-bhaji so have the utterly-butterly cheesy taste.


Bombay Kachcha

While street shopping, Mumbaikars have this habit of having Bombay Kachcha, it gives them enough energy for more shopping and less down their appetite for a while. This sandwich is tummy filling yet light to keep you going.


Ragda Patties

One of the Bombay’s iconic street food is a piping hot Ragda Patties. Ragda is dry yellow peas stew or curry. Adding tamarind and sweet chutney, and Aloo Patties to it makes it a spicy mouth-watering dish.


Ragda Puri

Now, to all the pani-puri lovers out there, hey, what you doing sitting at home reading this article? Pani-Puri is an evergreen snack and what makes Bombay Pani Puri different from the Pani Puri we ever had is the Ragda in puri. It gives the taste of hot and spicy chills.



If you want to give a pure bliss treat to your taste buds, Dabeli is the option. It is a spicy snack item made from boiled potatoes with a special dabeli masala, putting the mixture between the pav/burger bun and served with onions, chutney, sev, peanuts, and is garnished with pomegranate to give it a khata-metha taste. This dabeli will give rest to all your cravings.


Misal Paav

A classic breakfast in Mumbai is misal paav. Misal is a spicy curry usually made of sprouted moth beans. It’s the spiciest of all street food but it is worth the pangs.misal-paav-chatori-chachi-indore-indorehd


Chai lovers, have the chatpati chai with crispy chakkari and a masaledar thumbs-up. Doesn’t masala go with everything? Go grab your hands on it. Here, they serves nimbu pani and kaala katha which are one of its best kind.



After all these spicy tadka, it’s time for some desserts now! The all-time favorite dessert of a Mumbaikar is Faluda, say a single bad word about it and here you are stuck in an argument. Don’t you want to know what’s the hype all about? Yet again, your answer is Chatori Chachi. This summer sit back, relax and have a mixture of rose syrup, vermicelli, sweet basil seeds with milk, topped off with a scoop of ice cream.


Besides all, the ambiance of Chatori Chachi gives you the ultimate glimpse of Bombay life and culture framed up on the wall. The place is raw which gives a natural, unrefined state. The best part is it is quite pocket-friendly with prices starting from just Rs50/-


Ever been to Bombay and not had its street food? No, right? So now, ever been to Indore and not met your food cravings at Chatori Chachi? Not Possible. It’s like a whole food culture in a subtle place. Have the authentic taste of chaats. A must visit for all the ChatorasTo reach to Chatori Chachi and have the opportunity of tasting asli Bombaiya Chaat,

visit –L G 11 Navneet Plaza, Old Palasia, Indore
Contact No. : 9111886564


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