Rewind back 10-15 years and you can imagine a much cleaner and greener environment, with lot many species of birds and plants around you. Over the years, nature is rapidly deteriorating and we are the ones to be blamed for it. The very reason we are writing this article is to spread awareness about global warming and suggest the ways in which we could curb it. Let’s have a look at some of the methods that we could use in our daily lives to reduce the impact of the same.

Every single step counts as a footprint and in terms of nature it can even be your carbon footprint. Be careful and reduce global warming! 

Share Your Commute

Though it’s quite popular in the west, it is taking a lot of time in India only because of the fact that we Indians have a pride issue. Most of us can’t travel by bus or public transport and most of us don’t even think of sharing a scooter or car to the office to commute, simply because most of us want to arrive in our flashy new cars, thinking everyone is going to take a notice and will crown us the moment we will step out.

Being parent comes with great responsibility, and never to forget you are the heroes for your child. Taking your kids to schools or hobby classes is one another part of daily routine life. But if you just change a few steps, it can be a good habit to save our environment. ‘Carpool’, this very familiar easy way can help a lot. Car pools to school or hobby classes will reduce a lot of wastage of money and will even contribute to mother earth.

We would like to urge you to share the same cars and scooters with your colleagues to work and try and make your contribution towards nature.

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Use The Energy Around You, Wisely

Leaving the room? Switch off the lights. Done watching the TV? Don’t keep it on standby. Warmed up your bowl of oatmeal? Switch the microwave off. Simply cut the cord when you are done with the electricity. Even keeping the electronics on standby mode increases the carbon footprint and these small things, done by billions of people around the world add up to an astonishingly large number and that’s not good for the environment.

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Waste less; You’ll Automatically Save More!

We are really happy to see the initiative by IMC where they have banned the use of plastics and they are trying their best on daily basis, urging people to use less and fewer plastics. Similarly, we have to control the amount of waste we are still in habit of doing, especially the food items. They are all connected you see, and every little step towards stopping us from wasting our precious resources is going to automatically save them.

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Embrace The Renewable Items

Thanks to the technological advancements, we have many renewable items to choose from these days. Ditch the electrical water heater and go for solar panels in winters as they help you to save a lot on electricity bills while saving a lot of carbon footprint as well. Another good idea is to completely start using metals and paper instead of plastic.


Grow more plants around you

A room with the aroma of fresh flowers is always a pleasure to be in. Just the house you live in has a lot of space to help nature. Grow as many plants as possible near you. Get a small money plant, place it on the center table or get a beautiful bonsai and decorate your side corners. Remember, plants heal nature, they intake bad and produce well!

Save Water, Save Nature

Every natural resource is a powerful weapon to stop global warming. Campaigns for saving water has filled newspapers and walls, but are the running taps at your home closed? If not, please take care of the most important natural resource for a living life. Running taps or boring without use are wasting more water than you think of. One drop every second for 10 minutes can fill a glass of water than you need to drink every hour. If you keep on wasting, how do you think you’re going to get the next hour’s glass?

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Choose the right bag

You may even wonder sometimes that the ways we are using to reduce plastic are leading to deforestation. Well, paper bags aren’t the right choice and that’s why govt is working with actual nature- friendly materials like jute bags, corn-starch bags, canvas bags, or bamboo fabric. These all options won’t harm global warming and therefore if you have a business or if you are a consumer, go for these options.


Up-cycling- Best Out of Waste

School competitions in childhood were the best option to teach us how to reuse waste and make the best of it. Well, that’s what up-cycling is! Reuse your waste products in a way that they benefit you the most. Create pots out of plastic or art from broken pieces of glass, anything will turn you into a creative personality. Do try it!


So, these were some of the basic, yet some of the important ways using which you could contribute your part in reducing the carbon footprint in the environment and help mother nature save herself from getting more polluted. If you have more ideas that can help the city in reducing the global warming, do let us know in the comment section, and share them with the rest.


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