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5 popular Dishes in Indore Which Are Not Even Indori!

Indore has probably more things to eat than you have utensils to serve them on, in your kitchen! Today we have a list of 5 popular Dishes in Indore which are originally not from Indore! Many of the delicacies in Indore are so tasty that you end up having them on repeated basis till you have had enough of them! But have you ever wondered that there are some dishes in Indore, which are not originated from the city and now, have become so popular here that people swear by it by adding “Indori” prior to it. Read on! 

Dal Baati / Baafla

The amazingly delicious Daal Baafla along with the Laddu that we all are so crazy about is actually a famous dish that was originated in Rajasthan. Daal Baati was never something that Indore created but Indore surely doctored it so fine that we bet you will have a much tastier Daal Baati here than you could actually find in Rajasthan. Pick any famous joint in Indore on weekends and you’re sure going to have a mouth watering time!



We don’t know about the young generations now, but rewind the time some 15-20 years back and Dhoklas were quite a rage in Indore. They were so famous that almost all of the bakeries and refreshment store used to pile them up in the evening time as they knew people will flock around their store to have them in the evening. Dhoklas are originally from Gujarat but as we know Indore has an art when it comes to making dishes better and we gradually made it more tasty and famous here!


Ragda Patties / Aaloo Tikki

Aaloo tikki is a must have for every Indori, if they are visiting Chappan or Sarafa. Many of you might not know this but originally, Aaloo tikki was Ragda Patties and Indori polished it out and made their own version of Aaloo tikki over the years. It was originated in Maharashtra and if you still want to have the authenticated Ragda Patties, you gotta go to Maharashtra. But Indore never disappoints and here you will have the best version of both Aaloo Tikki and Ragda Patties!


Masala Dosa

We all love Masala Dosa, don’t we! We can bet that many of you have them at least once a week, wither in your house or from your favourite joint! Masala Dosa is so popular in Indore that you will find many places serving them in the yummiest fashion! There are actually more north Indian people in Indore that serve you much tastier Dosa than the south Indians who are in to the business of serving them to you. Well, this explains why Indore just rocks when it comes to Food!


Aaloo Parantha / Kulcha

Aaloo paratha is the breakfast item of majority of the houses in Indore and we always end up ordering Kulcha, if we are out to dine with our family and friends! Well, both of these two dishes are Punjabi dishes but they are amazingly famous in Indore. there are countless number of joints and roadside stalls in Indore that are going to serve you Kulcha and Parantha so tasty, that it is going to satisfy your taste buds to new heights!


Like they say, “Know your food”, isn’t it interesting to know how these commonly loved dishes are not an Indori staple? While some are only obvious, our most favorite ones come as a pleasant surprise. So this was our list of 5 popular Dishes in Indore. Do you know of any more? Comment below! 



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