Indore has been avoiding plastic to the maximum extent and now it’s time to replace non- Eco-friendly publicity tools with Eco- Friendly ones. IMC takes a step forward towards sustainable nature with Eco-Friendly flex. 
Publicity is one of the most growing markets in Indore and hence print publicity tools like hoardings and banner are used widely.
Hoardings and banners which have the plastic coating on them won’t be used any more and instead flex made by cloth materials will publicize government schemes on streets. These new flexes will dissolve with soil in around 8 months.
According to the Mayor Malini Gaur, even the hoardings and banners used for publicity of 23rd June (Prime Minister’s visit) are made up of cloth material.
The draft plan of the 3-R conference suggests the use of new hoardings for municipal or government publications. These are completely Eco-friendly and so are beneficial with nature.
These flexes have only been used in 3 states of India till now, namely Karnataka, Uttarakhand, and Kerala. Maharashtra and Chattisgarh tried to initiate too but instead, it was turned into stay order by the court.
It is estimated that around 200 new flexes show up daily in the city which has a height of 100 ft (approx). Just think about how beneficial this initiative will be for the environment.

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