What’s your diet plan for today? Ok! Do you have any diet plan?  Well, don’t worry! You aren’t the only one without a proper planning, we all are guilty of it or at least were. But you know what! It takes a lot to make one and more importantly follow one. Proper diet isn’t just a term it is the best solution for Weightloss and healthy body.

Did you just say, ‘I’m totally in control!’ or something like that, we are proud of you. But if that’s just an excuse, we have a story for you that will make you burn your calories and excuse both. Freshometer, a brand that is dedicated for your health and future started with a fight for her own health. The pioneer of Cold pressed juices, salads and soups in Indore were initiated 2 years back by Mrs. Jaya Atre and her life partner Mr. Gaurav Atre.

You only believe in what you see or in this case what you experience. In this interview with the true story of a self-made fit and healthy person of 58 kgs from 85 Kgs, you will get to know a lot about what all you may need to gain an appropriate weight and body shape. And if you are a resident of Indore and willing to get a body weight and shape dreamt for, Freshometer has customized and best options for you. 

Here is her journey in her own words:

What Inspired You?

Just a simple incident can be a strong inspiration too. Being overweight creates trouble even for doing simplest daily life things, and many-a-times even basic movements like standing up. Once during that time, I felt difficulty to even stand and it took around 5 minutes to stand straight on my legs. This devastated me so much that waking up from obesity and unhealthy lifestyle wasn’t just a dream or wish anymore, it was a necessity.

Freshometer-weightloss story

I wanted to set an example for my son so that he grows up to be a disciplined and healthy kid. I knew that just a bit of my efforts can bring a huge change to his future and so I became more active and passionate.

What Was Your First Step?

Well, like every other person would have done, I started searching for solutions and not just solution I wanted a permanent solution that would help me for life and I won’t be a patient of obesity ever again. After a lot of research, it became obvious that diet and exercises were the two most important keys. I started working on them because it’s always the best time when you start something healthy!

Freshometer-weightloss story from indore

While I was working on me, my gym trainer Suraj became my guide and played a very important role in teaching me every key part. Even though he is a lot younger than me but his teachings are completely successful and until today I take his advice for any queries.

What Diet Did You Follow?

Initially, figuring out the best suitable diet was a little complex because everybody’s structure and type differs and so do their needs. But gradually with the help of dietitians and internet, I realized that keeping the body hydrated and eating just the essentials rather than a full bowl was the appropriate way. I worked on my diet chart with a little guidance and lot of support from family and soon got my way through it. The nights were sleepless and days were full of dreams that soon became true, starting with a range of smoothies and cold pressed juices as they were the best solution.

Freshometer-weightloss story Indore Indorehd 

How Did You Come Up With Freshometer?

At first, eating healthy was quite a boring job and like all others the thought of quitting disturbed my mind for starters. But then I started experimenting with what was healthy to make it delicious and in no time I came up with amazing healthilicious dishes and diet chart.

Freshometer-weightloss story indore indorehd


I even realized that even in my neighborhood many other cases like mine and so started working for a better society. Honestly, it was a rough start as for first 2 months I only had one customer. But that single person became my daily motivation to work on myself and for others.

Is Diet Enough?

No, I would never say that only focusing on a diet can give you a healthy body. Yes, diet is an important part but not the only one. In my opinion, four things are the key essentials for a healthy body and those are;

  1. Having Food Timely
  2. Proper and regular Workout
  3. Nutritious diet
  4. And keeping your body hydrated.


Well, this may seem like already heard ones but these four things can change anyone’s health. Following these 3 helped me out in every way and if you want the same, you just need to be a little disciplined and dedicated towards your better future.

Mrs. Jaya Atre achieved her wish and is now helping 100s of other families for the same. Freshometer is a growing family working towards a healthy future with delicious solutions. Working for something that needs so much dedication and hard work isn’t easy and so there isn’t any harm in taking little help.

Today, she is working with the aim to make every citizen in Indore healthy and to give the best quality services and products. started with just a single costumer Freshometer is now providing exotic diet solutions for every body type and health issue in delicious forms for every age group. 

Freshometer provides customized and free doorstep delivery for your convenience. For knowing more about this healthilicious choice, click this link-  Freshometer


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