Marriage- the traditional bond between two souls and their families is the most special moment of their life. During, such a beautiful celebration we miss on to notice one of our first relation; nature. We invest a lot in those big fat weddings that are just encountered by human guests, what about that friend who has been there for you since birth and has helped you to survive? Well, let’s invest a little for the environment too. Let’s go for Eco-Friendly wedding!

What’s an Eco-friendly wedding?

The definition is really simple, it’s a friendly wedding that will benefit nature too. Don’t worry! your pocket won’t be overburdened but you will surely have to bring some variations in the proposed plan of your wedding and even some people’s mentalities can be an obstruction too. Eco-friendly weddings are a proper arrangement of nature-friendly items with impressive decoration and strategic plannings of a grand celebration.



If you are planning for a wedding in this season, please do keep these points in mind and make your wedding naturally amazing. Here are some amazing ideas that you can definitely use for your grand celebration:

Choose a Venue that Says ‘Hi’ to Eco-Friendly Methods

Any hotel or place that you select to celebrate your special moment at should define your idea and love towards nature. How about selecting one that works with the same philosophy as you? A hotel that focuses on cleanliness and hygiene by dumping waste according to the rules of ‘Swachch Bharat Abhiyan’ is a good pick. the greenery around hotel and services provided by the venue in previous projects can help you to choose the perfect wedding destination.



Don’t forget to Invite your life-long Friend Nature!

After you have decided all the major parts of the special day, it’s time to invite those who’ll turn your special moment into a grand celebration. This time, be a little different! Prefer inviting those who are actually special to you than gathering a crowd who needs an introduction. This will help you a lot to save money and resources for future and you will be surrounded by those who are really happy for you and aren’t just there waiting for food stalls to open.

There is another thing that can help you to be Eco-friendly!  Send invites by digital means rather than opting for paper invitations. The trend of sending paper invitations can be swapped with digital invites via social media or E-mail and if you still feel the need to use paper, go for Eco-friendly paper or recycled ones.



Bloom the Beauty With Flowers

A blooming flower between the garden is the most fascinating thing around, and if you too love nature just like us, please choose flowers over plastics or anything else. Use them as centerpieces for decoration and even choose an open garden filled with the natural beauty around to enjoy the celebration. Outdoor weddings are eye-catchy and engaging every time. So, if you aren’t planning to get married during the rainy season, you can definitely enjoy an outdoor wedding.

Gifting cute little flower pots to your guests is a great deal too! This way they will have a remembrance of your big day and you will contribute a little to mother earth.



Decor options you need to look for!

Decor is the most observed part of a wedding that is why you need to be really creative while choosing it and on the other include Eco-friendly items on your list. Well, you have 2 targets to score at the same time, therefore we have got you few amazing ideas:

Have a wedding that has no closed walls! The Outdoor wedding with lots of natural light, greenery and if possible historic structures is a once in a lifetime experience. it has a second benefit too, that is less use of Electricity. Good one, right!



Why go for traditional flower decorations? Let’s try something new! Avoid using too much of marigold, instead, you can even opt for creative options like colorful drapes, organic cotton clothes, and recycled fabric, changing your marriage setup.



Ever heard about Chalk art? It’s catchy and amazing. How about chalk art at your reception? Reusable wedding signage is a wonderful choice. You can do it with the use of chalk, blackboard and Eco-friendly papers that can be erased and created again and again.



‘Food’ is not just a word!

You know what! you don’t need to learn to eat by the spoon, you need to eat the spoon. Nope! There isn’t any grammatical mistake. Edible spoons are the new craze today. Instead of adding flavors with the help of spoon add a spoon of the desired flavor. Flavors like sugar, ginger, garlic, black pepper, mint and carrot, are the real treat. These spoons aren’t just interesting they are very useful too as they are helping in reducing the use of plastic cutlery.



That’s not it! You can even choose fruit based centerpieces so that guests can have fruits while chit-chatting about your grand event.



After the party is over, food wastage is understood to be a great loss. While throwing them out, it really feels bad! So, you can always contact a non-governmental-organisation which will help you to reduce the bad feeling. Here are few contacts that can help a lot-  Feeding India- 09871178810 | Food Bank ATM – 8085991993

food-Eco-friendly wedding-indorehd


We hope these ideas will help you to have a beautiful and Eco-friendly wedding. We are sure that your clicks look astonishing, but if you can let it be as soft copies only rather than getting them printed it would be a great help to mother earth. At last, a simple request by IndoreHD is that you should plant more and more trees and be a part of our campaign #PlantAMillionTrees in any way that you can.

For more information about #PlantaMillionTrees keep a tab on our website .

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