Holkar Stadium- the pride of Indore known for Cricket is ready to achieve a new title. After hosting 6 international matches, 1 test match and 9 IPL matches, Holkar Stadium will now also be known as the only stadium to have 4 pitches of Red Soil in M.P, Chattisgarh, and Rajasthan. These pitches will increase the grip and help a lot in improving performances of cricketers. 

Around 25 Tonnes of red soil will be brought to Indore from Mumbai and hopefully, no. of matches in Indore will increase rapidly. 

Before the test match series of October 2016 held in Indore, stadium got 2 pitches of red soil that was also brought from Mumbai. According to experts, India witness the best game of Ranji Trophy Finals in two years on that field. Even Indian Cricket Control Board prefers to arrange matches on such grounds that are located in Chennai, Mumbai, Varodra, Surat and Nagpur.

These new pitches will be the available for cricket matches starting after this rainy season (September).

Keeping better performance and less problems for players in mind, Madhya Pradesh Government is setting up red soil pitches in Sagar and Gwalior also.

Now, Holkar stadium will have total 9 pitches (4 of red soil and 5 of black soil). That’s a big step towards the future cricketers of India!

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