Cleanest city Indore is now all set to wipe out the problems of water conservation soon. IMC will soon start fixing Water Harvesting Machines in various houses of Indore City. 
NGO members are teamed together to analyze the major areas facing water shortage problems. 
Around 3 Lakh houses will be benefited with this project. 

This step will help a lot to conserve rainwater and transfer it into depths of the ground. The project plan is still under designing but the progress rate is really fast.
The investment for installing a processing system will be bared by both the parties, i.e., House owner and Municipal Corporation. The minimum expenditure is calculated to be 7-8 thousand and if bigger tanks are installed the prices will automatically rise.
If this whole project shows a successful turning, a lot of money invested on water tankers will be reduced and gradually the amount used for tankers will be used for harvesting systems.

And we request that if you can afford it on your own, please take a step forward!


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