After 1 day of Prime Minister’s visit, Indore receives a good news from the finance ministry. Finance ministry has passed on the proposal of Metro train for these two cities, Indore and Bhopal to the cabinet after a long wait of 5 years with some distinct changes in plans. 

Indore and Bhopal will finally get public metro service. According to Rail Transportation Ministry of India, the 5 cities with metro plans have been finalized after the approval of the finance ministry. 

According to the central cities development department, after the clean city initiative, this is the next project they are set to work on. The project will cost around ₹12,000 crore and MP government is ready to take an initial loan of 7000 crore from Asia Development Bank and European bank.

The first corridor planned for Indore according to the reports is ‘Ring Corridor’. This is planned to be two-way which will be capable of for running light-metro. 

The two-way route pattern will be helpful for passengers to change tracks on the stops they wish to. 

After central cabinet approves for the project, the government will start working in about 1-2 months. 

This whole project has these major bulletins, you need to look for:

  • 3.21 km Under Ground route (04 stations)
  • 30 Stations
  • 19.26 Km elevated route
  • 7.09 km on the ground (02 stations)
  • 1.97 km on Ramp
  • 7,100.50 crore expense in the First phase only in Indore
  • 6,992.92 crore expense in the first phase in Bhopal

The earlier proposed plan included 28 km of the route but now, the new plan suggests for an expanded coverage of 3155 km.  Which will cover Palasia, High Court, Railway Station, Juni Indore, Rajwada, Bada Ganpati, Kalani Nagar, Airport, Super Corridor, MR-10, Vijay Nagar, Radisson chauraha, Khajarana, Bengali Chauraha, Patrakar Colony and back to Palasia.

Indoris are eagerly waiting for approval from Cabinet and to see,’Metro work in Progress!’.

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