What could be the best way to make your products stand out when it reaches

the hand of your customer and he couldn’t stop himself from taking a good look at it, appreciating the idea behind it? What could be the way to do it without blowing your budget? And lastly, how you could do it while keeping it all Eco- friendly, so that you could give something back to the mother earth! Well, Indore HD, as always, is here for your rescue when it comes to creativity and this article is the answer to all the questions above!

• Paper and Cardboard

The best way to save a lot on your packaging is to go the paper and cardboard way. They can be made to the shape of your liking and you could also experiment in a variety of different ways to make them super attractive. Cardboard are also available in various size options and it makes them very friendly for anyone who is looking for small, medium, and big packaging boxes. The biggest advantage is they are Reusable, Recyclable, and Biodegradable, that makes them very safe in nature. They are also readily available and many packaging companies offer them in various options.

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• Cornstarch

What could be the best way to pack your products in material that has the consistency of plastic but are safe for the environment to the core! Well, cornstarch is the best way to go nature-friendly as they are made using polylactic acid (PLA), which is manufactured using fermented sugars found in cornstarch. They are biodegradable and they are disposed of in the environment, they break down into carbon dioxide and water within several months. Corn also happens to be the least expensive and most abundant source and is safe for food and is Resistant to food fats/oils.

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• Old Newspapers and Magazines

We don’t even have to tell you the numbers when it comes to the newspaper distribution in every city. Once you are done with reading them in the morning, they are pretty useless and most household often sells them to the “Raddiwalas” every once in two months. This makes them a very good option to be used for packaging as they are completely recyclable and can be used again and again. Same goes for the old magazines which can be used in very creative ways to come up with packaging design solutions, where cafes and delivery companies can come up with funky ways to use them.

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Well, these were some of the cheapest and most Eco-friendly materials that you could use for packaging nowadays. We really urge the start-up to embrace biodegradable materials as we are in dire need to keep the environment clean and every little step in the direction matters a lot. We also request you to save these packages once you get them so that you could use them as well in the future if the need arises instead of using plastic bags.

If you have more suggestions on Eco-friendly cheap materials for packaging, kindly share them in the comment section and spread the word!


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