With new cafes opening all around Indore, the city is now adorned with an Australia based restaurant franchise, Patissez Indore. IndoreHD got a chance to review the restaurant on its inauguration and interview Anna, the founder of Patissez and the creator of Freak Shakes.

Freak Shakes are a world-wide famous range of milkshakes loved by one and all. While conversing with Anna, we found out the story behind the entire freak show and how Patissez has grown from a small restaurant in Australia to a chain of restaurants in different countries around the world. Bringing this franchise to Indore, Anna is confident that Indoris would love the food concepts and the freak shakes they have to offer. Here is an insight to the talk we had with the bubbly MasterChef:

What is the concept behind freak shakes?

It was a random experiment, I love experimenting with food because there’s no end to the concepts you can use. We were changing the menu of our café back in Australia and I thought to try something new in the range of milkshakes. I just came up with a random milkshake that was a treat to my eyes, and it tasted amazing. That’s all it took, I knew I had to serve this to the people. And they went crazy, everyone loved them!

How did you come up with the name Freak Shakes?

I had never expected the shakes to go viral the way they did. Just within three weeks of introducing the new menu, we had people coming in from all over the city to have these shakes. The local newspaper covered us and it was crazy. We used to work day and night to prepare all the ingredients for the shakes and it felt like a freak show. That’s when we had to name the shakes and the only thing that came to my mind was Freak Shakes because it was freaking tiring for us to make them!

What made you bring Patissez to Indore?

We were looking forward to opening the restaurant in the 2-tier cities before going to the metros. After a success in Jaipur, the next city in our mind was Indore. I’ve heard a lot about Indore and how the people here love food and it seemed to be the perfect location before launching in Mumbai.

What are your thoughts about Indore?

Ohh I love this city. I’ve been to Jaipur, Delhi, and a few other cities but I was shocked when I came to Indore. It is so clean and beautiful, I couldn’t believe this was an Indian city. It has a very soothing vibe and the people here are great! I’ve heard a lot about the love for food and I’m sure that the people are going to love our menu! 

P.S.- Her expectations about Indore are coming true!

Tell us about your menu?

Well, we’ve tried to bring my Australian dishes to the city with an Indian blend. The chefs I’m working within India are absolutely brilliant and we’ve come up with a range of dishes that would be loved by all. The western food I’ve had in India so far is not what actual western food must taste like! I hope people actually enjoy the concepts here and realize what they’ve been missing! 


After an interactive discussion with Anna about freak shakes, Patissez, food and Indore, we tasted some brilliant freak shakes, we had the freaky ones only but they have not so freaky ones too.. called as Neat Shakes!

The ones we had are-

Mint Condition, is a delicious shake and every mint lover must try it! You can taste the yum blend in this milkshake in every sip. The yummy cookie is another thing you should look forward to, savor it with the cream and you’ll simply fall in love with it! 

Heartella is another amazing drink, for all the chocolate lovers out there. Relish little hearts blended in vanilla cream and Nutella and drink the tasty shake.


The shakes and the food justify how Patissez has grown in such a short time. The food concepts here are amazing and worth a try!

 Visit Patissez now for burgers, cakes,  rostis, doughies, pasta, wraps, soups and more


Patissez Restaurant

Country Inn Hotel, AB Road, Indore



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