When a person works on something whole heartedly and with a wish to spread happiness via his craft then only, a product can be certified as HANDICRAFT.  An original handcrafted art secures a special place in lives and keeps on astonishing eyes about its beauty and perfection. Finding an arresting handicraft at a nominal price is like finding a pearl in the sea, and that’s not easy! Therefore PENAVO showcases unique handcrafted items to the real appreciators of art and culture who believe in detailed perfection done with hard work. That’s what you want, right?

What inspired PENAVO?

Ms. Nilofer Chippa found her inspiration for PENAVO from a very casual happening at a fair. You may have noticed people bargaining with artisans for an amount which is actually worth the artifact, but ignored it. Well, a similar incident clicked the thought of presenting hand loom and handcrafted products in a luxurious/ premium manner to the customer and at the same time artisans getting their fair price. And that is how, a new brand PENAVO, for the betterment of handicraft and hand loom industry was born.

PENAVO is an idea to bring unique, good quality handmade products to its wisher directly from the creator while avoiding middlemen and therefore reducing the unnecessary expense. The whole concept helps a common man to purchase his desired artifact at a suitable price and at the same time the craftsman feels satisfied as he receives what his efforts are worth of.

What is there for You on PENAVO.com?

Being an Indian is like being in a treasure box with different jewels gathered from various cultures, but more importantly, you can make any jewel the reason to admire you. PENAVO is just a powerful and sorted medium through which you can choose amongst the finest presentations of cultural and traditional products.  Each and every product at PENAVO.com is assortment of ancient Indian traditions with modish designs to complement insightful choices. Penavo has a varied lineage of vivid  handmade products, Here is a glimpse of a variety of each product they have for their esteemed customers:


Hand woven material has a spectacular grace. Every fabric of the clothing made by the efforts of two hands speaks its purity without any introduction. Elegant and traditional looks of hand woven sarees or cloth with traditional rare looks like Bagru print, leheriya pattern, chikankari work and many more are available on a single platform for tradition lovers. 


Your appearance looks incomplete without accessories, how about we make those accessories the medium for complements? Which will be your preference from pure quality leather bags or Bagh print silk stole, leheriya dupatta or aari work shawl? This isn’t all, there is a plethora of accessories  with amazing quality and perfection for every choosy buyer.


You deserve astonishing neck piece and earrings with your beautiful outfit. PENAVO.com offers exclusively handpicked  jewelry that will add gleam to your appearance. Modern jewelry with traditional feel scores attention even on the most casual look.  Hand crafted dokra jewelry, meenakari jewelry and eesha zaveri styles will steal your heart with the first look.

Home & Decor

Every house has a feel of love and care which makes it a home. Home decor products from PENAVO.com are perfect for your home because they will add comfort and a lovely feel to your place. Hand printed and off white applique work cushion covers will definitely split image with your ideas. Pick your desired color combos and add a conventional piece to your decor!


There is a small part in your house that calls for attention every night when you are full of thoughts, that is your journal on study table. A diary which secures all your secrets should even look majestic in appearance. Journals on PENAVO.com are skillfully hand painted, crafted with leather and handmade pages are magnificently attractive.

Exclusive handcrafted and handloom collected from various villages of Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan like Maheshwar, Bagru, Sanganer, Bagh, Jaipur, Udaipur e.t.c. are available on PENAVO.com to remind you of rich Indian heritage and tradition. Fill up your shopping bag with rich Indian feel products and be satisfied to the maximum by buying their products from www.penavo.com .




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