Imagine you picking a profuse of tomatoes and lemons. The fragrance of lily is working as an aroma in your entire home. Doesn’t this feel like a healthy and prosperous life? You can also get this luxurious feeling by building a small garden at your place with plants that are perfect to be a part of your family.


“Plant a million tree”, an initiative by IndoreHD is supporting in making Indore aware of Carbon Footprints and how to reduce them by taking small steps towards nature because each step counts. Carbon footprint is the amount of carbon-di oxide as a result of an individual’s deed and that’s how everyone of us contributes in the mis-happenings occurring with environment. That’s why it’s important that all of us should keep an eye on our own actions!

Here is a small tip for your garden- Planting trees should be done in two patches, one patch is of mud while the other one should be of fertilizer.

The well known phenomenon of photosynthesis is the proof that all you leave as carbon and toxic for environment, is absorbed by plants and trees. Grab a read and you’ll know how! We are sure that this blog will make you take a spade and start digging till you bring out the inner gardener in you!

Money Plant

Money Plant is one of the most common household plants, but there are certain things to be taken care of while making them residents of your home. These plants are very common all over Asia and easily adapt any climatic condition. That’s why Indore, you need to have them!

It is recommended to keep the money plant near TV/laptops because they can easily absorb radiations. They do the work of air purification too. And unlike others, these plants give oxygen at night. Money pants produce maximum oxygen and therefore are a must have at households.

Money plant ranks among the top ones for producing oxygen. That directly links this plant to one of the bests for reducing carbon footprint.

Common, yet strenuous in maintaining and that’s why these are part of almost every households in Indore. Make them yours too!moenyplant-plants-grow-indoor-indore-climate-infoorehd-indore


Neem Curry Plant / Neem Tree

Neem trees are considered as heat lovers which makes it easy for them to adapt in Indore’s climate. They require a lot of sunlight and they can’t bear excess water, therefore keep them accordingly. There are hundreds of reason for having a neem plant at your home and Indore’s climate is a positive reason too.

Neem plant is also known as “Wonder Leaf” because they have medicinal as well as skin purifying benefits. Leaves of these both trees has anti-bacterial and anti-cancer effects too that are natural cure for many diseases.

They store around 2400-3600 lbs of carbon per acre. And it is found that a single plant can produce around 48 pounds per year of oxygen.



Indian Basil/ Holy tulsi

A holy plant Tulsi is best suitable to be planted in moderate climate like of Indore. Besides worshiping this plant also has many medical benefits. Some factors specially to be kept in mind while planting tulsi are: They should be planted in such a place that they receive sunlight for at least six hours. Water it regularly to keep the plant moist while avoiding excess irrigation. Now, you know how and where to plant the small magical tulsi.

It is observed that Tulsi gives away oxygen 20 hours a day and exhales CO2 for four hours. That makes this medicinal plant a golden tribute for reducing Carbon footprint too.



Aloe vera

Have you heard this name before? Most probably YES! Aloe vera is a well known herb that our grand parents have been growing for ages.

Aloe Vera needs an adequate amount of sunlight of about 8-10 hours. Move them to a shade if you feel they are turning brown because they might burn due to excess of sunlight. Aloe Vera should be planted in a well-draining soil, they might rot if they contain standing water. The leaves should not touch the soil but the root ball should be properly covered. It is preferable to not water the plant for the first few days. Aloe Vera is high in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and fatty acids. They are also best known for their property to heal skin. Get glowing skin with Aloe Vera!

Aloe Vera is not just beneficial in skin and health ways, but also acts as a tremendous air purifier. Moreover, this plant is a name on the list of ‘oxygen producing plants at nights’, which makes it super helpful to reduce carbon footprint.



Snake plant

They are one of the easiest houseplants to nurture. These attractive plants don’t require too much of water and the root will rot away easily when placed in soggy soil. This snake plant grows up best when kept away from direct sunlight as they can be grown in a shade without any troubles. Keeping a snake plant in your home will improve air quality and you will have clean- fresh air to breathe.

Snake Plants aren’t simple showpieces, they are helpful friends for air too. They are known for emitting oxygen even at nights by converting absorbed carbon dioxide even in dark. This fact about snake plant makes it unique from every other plant.




These you can easily get from the nursery but if you are planting them by yourself through seeds make sure the seeds are soaked in warm water for about an hour. This plant should not be exposed in the areas where there are chances of strong wind. They have medical uses like preventing hair loss, reducing grey hair, liver disorders, and helps in maintaining blood circulation. They are more than just a beautiful flowers amplifying beauty of your garden.

According to a study, hibiscus releases 5% oxygen and absorbs 10% carbon dioxide which makes it a great asset for households. These decorative pieces purify air to the maximum and leave fresh air for you to breathe in.




Song of India

Interactive name, attractive look! Well, if you don’t know a lot about them, here is something you should definitely know. They are slow growing versatile plant mostly found inside a home/office because they diffuse sunlight . Wherever you decide to place them, make sure they are not in direct contact with sunlight. They are easily adaptable to indoor lighting conditions and so will be attractive partners to your furniture. Even minimum amount of water is sufficient for them to survive because a lot of water will make them convert into pale yellow. They are ornamental plants and can be used in the interior decoration of your dwelling. Therefore, they are a definite choice!

Song of India plants are as versatile as their name, every single plant helps in removing toxins from atmosphere. Thus purifying air and absorbing a large amount of carbon dioxide is one of is best features.



Greenery all around is a forever win-win situation. Just like Ferns! Fern requires a hot humid condition. Start planting fern indoors rather than outdoors and give a wow effect to your interiors. Once you know the fern leaves have grown enough then you may transfer them outside during the winter season. Did you know? They have therapeutic benefits. They are a good source of vitamin A which supports the immune system. So now, you can reach out for fern when you catch cough and cold!

Interestingly, ferns are even considered as one of the first plants ever on planet earth. Though this theory does not have any solid proofs yet, ferns definitely prove to be best air purifiers by absorbing a large amount of carbon dioxide.



Areca palm

Have you got a bright interior at your living place? We know what would be the best green companion! Feathery, big and bold: Areca palm. They require bright light from a south or a west directing windows. They need enough water to keep the soil moist all the time. Not only its a treat for eyes but also it helps a lot in curing back pain and is works magically for scabies.

Areca palm filters out xylene and toluene from air around. Every leave helps a lot in working as a natural humidifier and cooler for surrounding.


Gardening in your place will not only provide you healthy life but also it will make you contribute to our mission, “Plant a million tree”. It is a myth that a small tree planted will not help in solving global issues. It’s time to break the myth. One tree can absorb 1 ton of carbon dioxide by the time it is 40 years old. One day these little steps will create our world a better place to live. Plant for the Planet! Be connected to our “#Plant a million tree” mission. For more such updates, stay tuned to IndoreHD!


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