Just a single dish isn’t enough for any foodie! So, how about table-filled with appealing dishes at the price of just one or two? Nothing tempts us like delicious varieties of continental food served with rich ingredients and low prices. The only question is where can you find good continental food at cheap rates with high quality and enchanting taste? We know a place that is absolutely perfect for your choices; Punchin Restaurant, Citrus Hotel, Indore.
Let’s take a sneak peek into the best dishes of summer special Santa’s Giga Bite buffet at Punchin Restaurant! Here are our favorite picks from the tempting menu:

Garden Green / Masalafied Capon

You need your food to be healthy and mouth-watering, right! Well, look what they’ve got for you here! Malabari paratha with veggies and lots of cheese is the healthiest and tastiest choice you can make! It’s super yummy and if you love non- vegetarian food, they do have another luscious option of Garden Green for you; Masalafied capon, a tummy-full dish crammed with , spicy chicken jullienes, onion, spices and cream cheese. Choose your side and enjoy the pleasant taste!


Veggie Spud /Black Angus Roast Chicken Spud

When someone serves you English food, the first thought of your mind most probably is, “Yeah! a delicious surprise!” Get ready for several surprising English flavors overflowing out of a SPUD. Do you know what a SPUD is? Let me describe it to you! A farm fresh potato is called as SPUD, it is a little bigger in size from the usual ones and have very little but raw sweetness in it. The flavors of English vegetable, cheese and herbs is overloaded happiness! And again if you would like to try the non vegetarian version, it’s known as Black Angus Roast Chicken Spud. Woah! Even the  name of it  is  mouth watering. This appetizing dish is a mix of Roast chicken, cheese and herbs filled in a Spud. Any one out of both will delight you with English flavors.

Kickass Burger Veg / NonVeg

Imagine a huge burger is kept in front of you with six big layers of toothsome ingredients and has saucy dips on the  side and never to forget the refreshing mocktails! Maybe, you need to wipe the dropping water for the amazing taste of imagination! If you loved your imagination of tasteful burger and side servings, it’s time to have a Kickass Burger (veg/nonveg , according to your preference) which is a 6 inch burger with layers of chicken patty/ potato patty, bell pepper, onion, cheese and mayo. This burger is a Kickass!

Spicy Southwest Veg / Nonveg

Spicy food is the priority of most all-time foodies like Indoris! This dish is quite spicy and will remind you of thunders with every bite. Wanna know what’s filled in it? Starting with grilled chicken/ cottage cheese and lettuce onion, cheese and Mayo on a Painini, this dish sums up to be a hot package of delish. Whether you go for veg or non veg, all you will get is a treat for your taste buds!


Last but not the least; nothing is better than a flavoured refresher, which will make you feel high with its taste rather than its content. Agree! Mocktails at Punchin Restaurant are full-pack-fun. Varieties of the distinctive tastes  of fruits, spices , sparkling water etc will mesmerize you with every sip! The quirky and funny names like Knock out, Sweet lips, Love birds are just the first thing you hear about these mood changers. With every sip of these heavenly drinks, you will wish for much more!


No!! We are not finished yet, the coolest and the best part of this menu is the unbelievable price range of this Menu – that is this entire menu items fall in the ranges of Rs 79/- to Rs. 149/- only. Yes!! you have read it right, with such an amazing quality standards of Citrus Hotel food, this menu is super affordable & our super select any day.

Here you go! Now, you know the best dishes to pick from the menu, but do try others too, because everything here is yum! Happy Big Bite to you!

You loved what you saw! So, now it’s time to taste it at- Citrus Hotel, Scheme no. 54 Opp Meghdoot Garden , Vijay Nagar, Indore


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