Heat can make you go crazy! Your concern about sweating body and overflowing electric bill is clearly understood by us. Thanks to the latest innovations and designs, saving at certain percentage on AC bills is possible now. But let’s face it! It’s still quiet heavy to carry increasing amount every hour of a scorching sunny day. Now, you are hunting for easy and budget friendly solutions! Take a break from the exertion and read these simple ideas. Here we bring you the five simplest ways to keep your house ventilated and cool without using any air conditioners and get rid of the heavy electricity bills. Start counting :

Develop Terrace Garden

Your roof shelters a lot under it, but it does radiate heat throughout your house too.  Won’t it be better if even roof had an upper coat which could absorb heat! Just make a shield by planting trees on terrace. The mud in the plants will help in absorbing most of the sunny rays. Plastic gardening sheets can be used to prevent water leakage. So, now you can add greenery to the world while cooling your house.


Create Proper Ventilation

Ventilation is known for lightning up the room but it also helps in cooling down your house. If it’s windy outside, you can always bring a cold breeze inside. The best way for ventilation is to keep windows on opposite ends and let the air pass easily. Cross-ventilation is a well-known phenomenon but not many people know that, time also plays a crucial factor. You are advised to open your windows between 5.00 to 8.00 am and between 7.00 to 10.00 pm when the air isn’t too hot. Simply note the timings, and let air bring chilled freshness to your lives. 


Paint Your Roof White

White attracts attention and at the same time reflects UV rays. Just as ice/snow reflects UV rays instead of absorbing the heat. Cities are now getting white roofs for cooling homes and fighting climate change. A lighter color also help to redirect sun rays instead of absorbing them. Using white is certainly one of the easiest options to avoid heat in the house. Beat this heat with white!


Bamboo Blinds

One of the most effective ways to stop hot waves from entering in house is blinds. Even better, if it is bamboo blinds. Do you know why? Because bamboo possesses heat resistance power and won’t let heat disturb the chilled calmness of your room. Bamboo is easily available across India and is used for various purposes, which makes it easy for anyone to reach them. During afternoon, when the sun shines brightly upon your window, a micro greenhouse effect takes place in which converts it into a hot box. If you don’t wish to open windows, you can simply use bamboo blinds which will also add style to your outer facade.


Refuse Incandescent Bulbs

Every choice is good, but only one of them is the best! We suggest CFL and LED over incandescent bulbs. Incandescent light bulbs, not only produce heat but also consume more power and add numbers to your electricity bills. Don’t forget to turn off your lamps and computers when you are not using them. TV and some plug-in power adapters also emit a lot of heat, and so need to be turned off, if not in use.


These were 5 easy suggestions for a cool summer without air conditioner.

Summers bring lots of health issues, not only for human beings but also for other creatures.

If you can take a step to help them, it would be a really nice gesture. Even a small pot filled with water can save lives in this sunny season.

Stay cool!


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