Holi, the festival of color and happiness but only till you are on field, once you get back home, holi is all about, ‘Ugh, these colors!’ Whether you’re a girl or a boy you don’t want  to look like a red painted head. Everyone wants to protect themselves from any hazardous color or chemical, but somehow we end up getting stuck with them only. And then we try to believe on home remedies or highly reputed skin treatments and cosmetics. It’s such a mess to decide the best solutions. Well, there are some exceptional ideas, which you would love. Don’t worry about looking like a colored painting the next day, just read the following remedies.

Before Color Attacks

Grow beard

Guys, you have got the easiest way to get rid of stubborn colors. Simple, don’t shave. Your beard will save your skin from getting affected by hard colors. It will be really easy to just bounce the hair and be clear again.  So easy right!


Coconut oil

 Well, any oil would work, but coconut oil is a natural moisturizer too and therefore more effective than others. Apply a lot of coconut oil on your hair and even skin. It feels a little awkward to apply coconut oil on face, but to save your glamour; this is just a small step.


Castor oil

Castor oil has tremendous benefits. If you have castor oil at your place, no need to worry about any harms effects. Cover yourself with a good layer of castor oil from head to toe. Coconut oil will be best for hair, otherwise use castor oil as much as you can.



Dark nail paint

Girls, it took you really long to get your nails shaped and now the thought of ruining them scares you, but there is a way to save them.  Check out all the shades of nail paints you have, choose the darkest one. Dark color won’t let holi colors to be stuck on and moreover your nails will retain their original colors. Apply double coat of the darkest nail paint and get ready to play a bright holi.



Color on Color

Friends are not always understanding and sophisticated, holi brings out the wildness in them and they approach to you with dark ‘pakka’ color or wet colors. Act wisely and instead of spoiling your mood, use some organic color on your own face. Organic colors will soon dry up and help to remove dark or wet paint.



It’s very important to keep your skin moisturized, so that nothing harms your skin and causes itching and rashes. Use nominal amount of moisturizer on face and body. Body lotion with sunscreen is very helpful too.If you prefer to go natural, aloe vera will sooth your skin and provide enough moisture.



It’s not about makeup, its about care. Your lips are very sensitive and moreover taste of any color won’t be yummy. To avoid dryness of lips and even eating colors, here is a daily routine suggestion. A good quality lipstick will keep lips moisturized and will prevent colors from getting into your mouth. Choose any color, just make sure it nourishes enough, and matte will be much better.



Vaseline can be your secret weapon. In case you choose to wash all the color and suddenly your old friends show up with destructive weapons, take out Vaseline from your cupboard and apply it on your face and hands quickly. Vaseline works like a moisturizer and an upper coat, so you’ll be lot safer. Vaseline is helpful for protecting your inner nails too. Grab a lot of Vaseline and fill it up under your nails.


After Color Attacks

Besan scrub

One of the most effective homely facial is paste of besan (gram flour) with lemon juice, curd, water or milk. Whatever suits you the best, or according to the ingredients you have, make a paste and use it to wash off all colors from your face. Ingredients which can be added for a glowing and spot free skin with besan are- turmeric, curd, cream, lemon juice, honey, aloe vera, multani mitti. But make sure to clean your face first with dry napkins, and face wipes, and then use water otherwise color gets dark and stuck.


Lemon, Curd , Papaya

Natural but very effective cleansers are lemon juice, curd and papaya extract. Mix papaya or lemon juice with honey and add multani mitti to it to get rid of those stubborn colors. Curd can be combined with besan too or else it can be used individually. Curd is a natural conditioner and moisturizer, therefor good for both skin and hair.

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Dry, water than Soap

If you’re ready to cleanup all dirt and colors, begin with removing all the dryness first, use any towel or useless cloth and broom your body. Don’t apply soap directly, first rinse yourself once with water, and remove excessive color left and lastly use soap or paste.

Less shampoo, more conditioner

After all the mess of holi, hair need some special treatment. Just to remove colors, don’t use extra shampoo. Over use of shampoo can cause dryness, which won’t be good. If possible use of natural shampoo like shikakai would result in a very positive manner.  Conditioning hair is a very important step, after all the dryness of colors, hairs need a little conditioner to feel free again.


These were some quick and easy ideas that you can choose from, to be safe and have a flourishing healthy skin. Remember to cover open wounds with water proof band-aid.  Don’t go out of your way by using petrol, kerosene or any other drying substance on your skin. Avoid beauty treatments for a while, at least 2 days. And that’s it, get ready to be colored and paint others with organic bright colors.

Happy Holi!


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