20 Best Games That You Can Play Online This Lockdown!

    Getting bored in this lockdown? Running out of patience to find ways to kill time? Don’t worry, we have you covered! Here are few games which you can play in lockdown :- 

    1. Alto’s Odyssey

    If you are looking for a game without stages and a storyline which you can start and stop playing at any point in time, Alto’s Odyssey is the game for you. It’s a side-scrolling endless runner snowboarding game where the player needs to tap the screen at the right time to make jumps and perform stunts. It’s gorgeous art style and atmosphere makes this game stand out. 

    2. Angry Birds 2

    It goes without saying that most of you must have played this game at some point in your life. If you are bored at home, all you need is to shoot birds at evil pigs.

    3. Color Road!

    Color Road! is a simple yet very challenging game to play. In this game, one has to control a rolling ball while you collect balls of the same colour and avoid those that are of different colours. The difficulty level ramps up as you go.

    4. Draw Something

    If you have a few people at your place and you want to enjoy a game with them, Draw Something is the game you need. It is similar to Pictionary, where one player draws something and others have to guess what the word is.

    5. Flappy Duck

    Flappy Duck is a fun and simple game that asks the player to tap the screen in order to keep the ball in the air. The player must manoeuvre the ball through an endless series of loops in order to gain points.

    6. Fortnite

    Your goal in the game is very simple, be the last person or team left standing. If you love battle royale games, you must try Fortnite as its unique construction mechanics are something you’ve never experienced before.

    7. Minecraft

    Looking for a game to play with friends when you’re bored? This can be one of the best games that you can get. Just set up a server and play the game with your friends or join a server and play it with strangers.

    8. Clash Royale

    After a massive success of Clash Of Clans the developer, Supercell decided to launch a new multiplayer game in 2016. Elements from tower defence, multiplayer online battle arena and collectable card games has been brought into a single game through Clash Royale. 

    9. Mobile Legends

    Mobile Legends is a multiplayer 5 vs 5 online battle arena MOBA game that is specially designed for smartphones. The two opposing teams defend themselves whilst destroying the enemy’s base. 

    10. 8 Ball Pool

    It is really simple, your goal is to pocket all the balls of your type while preventing the opponent from doing the same. But be careful while pocketing the black ball because hitting the black ball into the wrong pocket or pocketing the black ball before the other seven will result in an instant loss.

    11. Modern Combat 5: Blackout

    Modern Combat 5: Blackout is among the best first-person-shooting games. The game gives you the ability to shoot, crouch, sprint, throw grenades and jump over obstacles to kill your opponents. One can play in both single-mode or multiplayer mode. However, the multiplayer gives a whole new experience altogether. 

    12. Ludo King

    We all have played ludo in our childhood. Now, a game called Ludo King brings the same experience to your phone. 

    13. Clash of Clans

    Clash of Clans is a famous online multiplayer game where players from different communities called clans train troops and attack other players to earn four major resources, gold, elixir, dark elixir and gems. You can also build a unique village and attack your friend’s village.

    14. Guns of Boom

    If you are a fan of animated graphics, this is an online multiplayer first-person shooter that you must try playing with your friends during this lockdown. Two different teams each containing four players plays the game and the one who finishes with the highest points wins the match.

    15. Call Of Duty: Mobile

    Within a few hours of its launch, millions of COD fans downloaded the game which resulted in crashed servers. As soon as the problem was resolved people started playing the game and it went viral. Some people call it PUBG with modern graphics.

    16. PUBG Mobile

    PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the most popular Android games ever launched. The fact that the game is free to play and delivers some intense action, people from all across the world rushed to play it just after it was launched.

    It is one of the best competitive games available that you can play with your friends.

    17. Standoff 2

    If you are looking for a game like counter-strike on your phone, this is the one you must try. Just like CS, Standoff 2 lets a player pick either terrorists or counter-terrorists and compete online against other players. The ability to play the game with friends even on low-end devices makes it a must-try during the nationwide lockdown.

    18. Plants vs Zombies 2

    If you don’t have others to play games with you, Plants vs Zombies 2 is the popular tower defence game to play on your smartphone. The game gives you a collection of plants against the attack of zombies.

    19. Temple Run 2

    If you are looking for a game that can keep you engaged for long hours, Temple Run 2 is the game you need. The sequel of the original Temple Run game is also an endless runner that offers improved graphics and adds new obstacles, achievements and power-ups.

    20. Words With Friends 2

    Words With Friends 2 is another interesting game that you can play with your friends during the long lockdown. The game claims to advance your word skills with weekly challenges.

    What are you waiting for? Get downloading!


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