5 Super Easy Homemade recipes for a complete Teatox

    Sipping on a cup of tea, I realized how important a place it holds in our lives. If you are a tea lover this blog is a good read for you, if you aren’t I will make sure you come close to liking it. Every time I’d have a tea (with or without the actual tea leaves)there would be a call of release from the bowel system, cleansing would happen and that is what makes me call it a Teatox. Teatox in my understanding is basically a detox of your system through the intake of tea.

    Here are some interesting teatoxing easy recipes you can make and enjoy at home:

    Indian Breakfast Tea

    Our everyday Chai with some ginger+elaichi with the right proportion of water and milk (2:1), when taken in the morning, can work wonders for digestion, skin and keeps you active the whole day. It is best had with accompaniments like almonds, bananas, or biscuits.

    How to make a cup of Indian Breakfast Chai

    On a stove boil 2 cups water, add ground fresh ginger +cardamom add a spoon of tea leaves, steep for 3 minutes, add a spoon of sugar, give it a boil, cover for 2 minutes, add a cup of milk, boil for a minute, cover the tea for a minute. Strain hot in a cup.

    If you are looking for a perfect breakfast tea –Sanan Kadak Chai is the ultimate match for you.

    Fresh Mint Tea

    Fresh mint tea is a good tea to start your day. It’s a tea to rejuvenate & calm your system. To make the tea, crush 8-10 sprigs of fresh mint leaves, in a cup of hot water steep the mint leaves for 10 minutes, strain and add a spoon of honey to sweeten. This warm coolant is great to cure nausea and morning sickness.

    Fennel Tea

    This tea is a flavorful tea for a perfect teatox experience. You can have it at any time of the day. Fennel rose lemon tea is a good immunity booster with the power to ease the digestive system.

    Powered by – Sanan

    Haldi Tea

    Haldi tea or turmeric tea, purifies blood and so is great for cramps & cold.

    To make the blend-

    Take 1/2 a tsp of turmeric powder for a cup of water. Boil the mixture, add few drops of lemon +a spoon of honey. Have the magic yellow potion warm.

    Powered by – Sanan

    Salted Tea

    Make a normal cup of milk tea with Sanan tea leaves and add a pinch of salt in the end, works really well for a throat ache and tastes great with a slice of bread.

    Powered by – Sanan

    May you have very warm, teaful season! In short, teatox has various health benefits that make it an ideal choice for you. If you think this blog helps you, try to look into our other high definition IndoreHD blogs too which are interesting and knowledgeable.


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