Election 2018: 5 Things To Know Before Casting Vote For The First Time

18 th  Birthday of everyone’s life unwraps a special gift; the responsibility to cast a vote for the deserving leader. Honestly! If you are 18 and haven’t made your contribution to our improving country, you have lost the right to complain about politics. So, it’s your turn to decide, either you can be a responsible […]

10 Hilarious Shikaars that an Indori will make this Holi

The colors afresh every relationship- little or big, less or more intense, resolves all the conflicts and adds to its advantage of not being spotted if another imp is setting the way to crunch the friendships.So here we bring to you a list of people whom you might wish to paint this Holi and spicing up with where specifically you should leave the patch to bloom your relationship more colorfully

What Indore has to offer to an outsider except food?

Indore is a peaceful city that is packaged with affordability and favourable weather too. With improved infrastructure and lower living cost Indore is busy attracting the outsiders to come and reside here. With a marvellous growth history the city has always been a hot spot on the economic front of the State. Being the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh, Indore had the opportunity of having the mall before its state capital city had it


12 Summer Things that every Indian will Relate to!

Sunglasses, cold drinks, umbrellas, ice-cream are beckoning us that summers are here. Temperature in Indore has risen, every Tom, Dick, and Harry have taken out trendy flip-flops and those floral print breezy fabrics. Summer season is intensely very hot cannot be ignored nor it can be easily forgotten. The acceleration of the sultry begins from […]