लॉकडाउन के बाद बढ़ेंगे अपराध पुलिस ने की एडवाइजरी जारी , जानिये किन बातों का रखना होगा ध्यान ?

पुलिस ने की एडवाइजरी जारी” “सावधान– बढ़ सकता है गुंडागर्दी, डकैती , चोरी, छिनतई अपराध लॉकडाउन खुलने के बाद एक महत्वपूर्ण संदेश” अधिकतर लोगों की आर्थिक स्थिति लगभग शून्य हो गयी है, इस कारण अपराध में उछाल आयेगा। लूट पाट, छीना झपटी व चोरी-चकारी में तेजी आयेगी।शहरों या कस्बों में हम सभी को स्थिति से […]

International Tea Day: Celebrating The Goodness Of Chai!

Such is the love for tea, that the world has dedicated a day for chai lovers! A cup of tea does make everything better, isn’t it? The History of Chai History paves the way to supporting the fact that tea-drinking commenced around 750 BC. In India, however, the origin of tea dates back to the […]


Agnihotra : A community event at Rajwada for environmental purification!

Pran-yayu (प्राण आयु) or oxygen as we know is so vital that an absence for mere minutes can claim a life. As much as we abuse readily available water and food sources, environmental pollution and ruining the green belt is taking us to doom faster that we’d ever imagine!     The deteriorating health of the environment […]


Indore Might Soon Be No. 1 In Water Harvesting Too!

With an aim to make Indore number 1 in the all-India rainwater harvesting survey, Indore Municipal Corporation has decided to put in 50,000 more rainwater harvesting systems in the city within a time span of the next three months. A plan was discussed during a seminar of around 300 Jalmitra, Commissioner Singh addressing the gathering […]


72 Countries To Now Follow Indore’s Waste To Energy Model!

Indoreans have rejoiced three times in a row for being touted as India’s cleanest city! Now 72 countries are in line to study and replicate Indore’s Waste to Energy model. According to reports, Indore in on the topmost amongst 72 nations, Asian and African, which are now set to follow! Imagine this scenario: around 35-tonne […]


Getting married: How about an Eco-friendly wedding!

Marriage- the traditional bond between two souls and their families is the most special moment of their life. During, such a beautiful celebration we miss on to notice one of our first relation; nature. We invest a lot in those big fat weddings that are just encountered by human guests, what about that friend who […]

8 Effective Ways for Saving Water in our Daily routine

The other day when I woke up in the morning, I was quite surprised by the news in the newspaper that the water lever at Yashwant Sagar is diminishing at an alarming rate and now it can only support the water supply of Indore for the next 10 days. Considering the fact that how huge […]

Plant Trees

What is Carbon Footprint and How do we reduce it?

Carbon Footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases liberated in the atmosphere by an individual or an organization. Measuring our carbon footprint brings us a step closer to take measures to reduce our contribution to global warming and the depletion of Earth’s climate. Every individual is often deluded with that idea that their daily […]