Top 5 exceptional Netflix documentaries to keep in your ‘must watch list’.

    Everyone loves to watch movies and web series, as, during this pandemic, the only thing that kept people to stay in their homes were these web series and movies. And a few of us like binge-watching, so as not to miss any part of it. But apart from movies and web shows, there are many good documentaries that are so brilliant that will make you say ‘Wow’!So here’s the list of some of the most exceptional:-

    1.The Great Hack. :-

    The Great Hack is a 2019 documentary film about the Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data scandal, produced and directed by Jehane Noujaim and Karim Amer. The documentary focuses on Professor David Carroll of Parsons and The New School, Brittany Kaiser (former business development director for Cambridge Analytica), and British investigative journalist Carole Cadwalladr. Their stories interweave to expose the work of Cambridge Analytica in the politics of various countries, including the United Kingdom’s Brexit campaign and the 2016 United States elections. 

    2. The Social Dilemma.

    The Social Dilemma is a 2020 American Documentary film directed by Jeff Orlowski and written by Orlowski, Davis Coombe, and Vickie Curtis. The film explores the rise of social media and the damage it has caused to society, focusing on its exploitation of its users for financial gain through surveillance capitalism and data mining, how its design is meant to nurture an addiction, its use in politics, its effect on mental health (including the mental health of adolescents and rising teen suicide rates), and its role in spreading conspiracy theories.

    3. David Attenborough-A Life on our Planet.

    David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet is a 2020 British documentary film narrated by David Attenborough. Attenborough describes the film as his “witness statement” and gives an impression of what could happen to the planet over the course of a lifetime beginning in 2020 and lasting as long as his own, were human activity to continue unchanged. The Amazon rainforest could degrade into a savanna; the Arctic could lose all ice during summer; coral reefs could die; soil overuse could cause food crises. totally time worthy documentary. 

    4. Bad Boy Billionaires.

    Bad Boy Billionaires is a 2020 Indian Netflix original documentary web series that focuses on the lives of four prominent business magnates of India, including Vijay Mallya(Kingfisher Airlines), Nirav Modi, Subrata Roy(Sahara Group), and Ramalinga Raju(Satyam Computers), who achieved predominant success in their businesses during their lifetime before being accused of corruption. 

    5. Wild Wild Country

    Wild Wild Country is a Netflix documentary series about the controversial Indian guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Osho), his one-time personal assistant Ma Anand Sheela, and their community of followers in the Rajneeshpuram community located in Wasco County, Oregon.

    Happy watching!


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