India has been home to some really crass content over the years! From GOT’s sad rip offs to Naagins dominating the screen, we’ve pretty much gone over the top with the worst kind of content writers could have thought of! What’s almost unbelievable is, these channels that run on TRPs (Television Rating Point) are up and running because there is viewership, because people are accepting the content. While most people we come across are always dissing the top notch channels of the country, it’s still worth thinking that how these shows are the top rankers in the country when it comes to viewership. Yes, the thought itches us too!

Those of you who have been dying to watch good television, internet is the way to go my friend! Unless you are living under a rock, you must be well acquainted with Hotstar, Netflix, and Amazon Prime, the three major platforms that are home to the finest web series made by diligent writers and produced by ambitious content creators! We love how India is finally getting its due when it comes to content, and production.

Let’s take you through the 5 best shows that are making the right noise this season! We promise there are no spoilers.

Let’s begin with the best that India has to offer!

Made in Heaven

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Created by film directors and screenwriters Zoya Akhtar and Reema Kagti, ‘Made in Heaven’ stars Arjun Mathur, Sobhita Dhulipala, Kalki Koechlin and Jim Sarbh as the principal cast. Through the episodes in the show, Tara and Karan, both wedding planners (played by Arjun Mathur and Sobhita Dulipala) delve into the lives of several brides and grooms who have their own backdrops and parallel storylines. While both their lives and characters associated to them unfold, so do deeper issues in the Indian society.

The show is an excellent example of a closely knit plot, great storylines, a solid cast, and brilliant production!

Delhi crime

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The show revolves around the gruesome Nirbhaya gang-rape that happened in 2012 in Delhi, made into a non-dramatized, to the point, and crisp story line. From the complex police procedure, to the point of views of the criminals the doctor and the victim herself, the show manages to keep you entwined and attentive. Richie Mehta’s web series, leaving no question unturned, is well executed and directed keeping your attention clasped till the very end of the web series.

Laakhon mai ek

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A young Dr Shreya Patahre is sent to a rural village in Maharashtra to organise a cataract camp. On her journey, she finds out how devious suppliers and corrupt politicians are using uneducated villagers as a money minting machine. The series created by comedian Biswa Kalyan Rath is a ruthless tale of the reality, and how an honest doctor fights for what she believes is right. A lot of moments in the show bring you face to face to the realities if rural India, and how corruption has taken the country to the drain.

Criminal justice

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With a backdrop of Mumbai, the show Criminal Justice is about Aditya Sharma, an MBA student who gets caught up in a murder case that he doesn’t remember happening. The plot starts in a rather gripping manner, as the course of events takes place, he wakes up to her stabbed dead body. The story then takes a sharp turn with two plots running simultaneously.

One is about lawyers, Pankaj Tripathi & Mita Vashisht, who are working on proving Aditya innocent, and the other track is about Aditya’s transformation journey in jail. This adaptation of the officially produced BBC-produced Criminal Justice can get a little elongated but, the brilliantly central characters and storyline make it a good watch.

Kota Factory

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Every Indian is well acquainted with the Engineering culture in the country. The show talks about the life of every Indian student who aspires to be an engineer. As much as one might think of a resemblance with 3 idiots, the show is a powerful satire on the Indian educational system, without resorting to ‘preachy’ messages. The protagonist in the show takes us through lives that are too ordinary to be written about, about friendships and how they are conditional to time and circumstance. A great story about the lives and ideology of those who prefer Engineering in the education hub Kota.

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