When the problem is new, the solution must also be new. Digital payment tools have proved to be very helpful for lockdown traders. They not only carried forward the business journey of small businessmen but also provided them with many simple options so that their business remained stable and in financial balance despite all the hardships of lockdown. These digital payment tools also helped reshape merchants’ businesses.

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Take Paresh Sharma for example. He runs his smallscale business in U.P. Everything was going well, but like everyone else in the Corona era, Paresh also faced new problems. Employees were coming less, business meetings could not be held and there was also a problem of transactions. Paresh decided to expand the business online. They found and sought digital payment tools. What then, the business gained speed.

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This story is not just about Paresh. Thousands of shopkeepers like him turned the problem into solutions with online tools. In such a situation, we are telling you about some such tools, which will help you to make the path of a business easier and take it on a wider and wider scale. With them, you can communicate directly with customers, take feedback from them and make the latest changes in the business. At the same time, you can also manage online tasks like payment, accounting, sales, marketing and delivery.


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With the help of this tool, you can run your entire business. Through this, you can do accounting work comfortably. It has smart HR management software so that employees can be managed better. Assistance is available for connection and feedback to customers. At the same time, meetings and webinars can also be done through this. It also has options available to suit the work of the sales and marketing team. It also has facilities like a campaign survey.

Google pay

From small shopkeepers to big businessmen, this is a very effective app. With its help, you can get paid easily. Can connect directly to customers. This app is very secure in transactions and it is also very easy to use. You can share offers, track sales, without paying any extra charges. In this, you can instantly transfer money from one bank account to another. In this, you can estimate the sales data by day, week and month. Also, from transaction history, you can check how the sales data is going.

6 Efficient digital payment g pay
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Not only this, you also get special offers and rewards. The reward you receive goes directly to your bank account. Google Pay’s security cycle is extremely strong. This is 24 * 7 counterfeiting, safeguarding against hacking. Help center, phone and chat are always available if you ever need any help. You can easily download Google Pay from Google Play Store.

Google my business

Google My Business is a free tool that helps you attract new customers from Google for your business. Use the Google My Business application to connect with customers and keep your business presence up-to-date on ‘Google Search’ and Maps. With the help of how your local business appears on Google search ‘and’ map ‘, you can manage it. You can make changes in your business information (such as address, phone number, and opening and closing times etc.).

6 Efficient digital payment google my business
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Through this, you can reply to reviews, questions and messages from customers. Can share new photos and update posts on special offers and events. In it you can also see how customers find and communicate with your business on Google. You can also download it from Google Play Store.


6 Efficient digital payment primer
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Business and Digital Marketing Skill Learning Primer is a fast, free, and easy app. The specialty of this app is that it also works online. In such a situation, you can learn business planning, management, sales, digital advertising, social media, content marketing, SEO, analytics, branding anytime. In this, you can apply your business and marketing knowledge anywhere and anytime.


6 Efficient digital payment instamojo
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With the help of Instamojo you can collect payments. You can create an online store for free, deliver the product and take a loan. In this, you can manage orders, customer data at one place. You can expand your revenue and customer base with marketing tools and many free business solutions.

Paytm for business

6 Efficient digital payment paytm
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This gateway allows you to check transactions and settlement through your online merchant account, view QR code display and contact its 24/7 help desk. You can sign up by adding your name and bank account number and start accepting payments immediately. Your daily, ablaze

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