Beard can out and out change the look of a man. Beard can make a man look so handsome that he himself wouldn’t have envisioned it for himself. However, as difficult it is to grow a beard, it is no less difficult to choose the right style for your face type. Hence, in order to make it easier for those who are confused with which style to choose from, here are few beard styles which are safe to try on every face.

Natural Beard Style

The first one is the Natural Beard Style which is perfect for all those men blessed with a great beard growth rate. A natural beard is also the easiest beard to style. All that you need to do is to follow your natural beard line and neatly trim away the strays on your cheeks and neck.Also,  regular trimming and cleaning will keep your natural beard well-defined. 

Short Boxed Beard

A short boxed beard is a meticulously contoured version of a full beard. Slightly shorter than a full beard, this style needs regular and detailed trimming. You can easily manipulate this style to sharpen your jawline. The best part about this style of beard is that you can achieve a boxed beard within 2-4 weeks. 

While growing and styling, remember that a boxed beard does not go too far beyond the jawline.

Balbo Style Beard

Balbo style of beard is a combination of a floating moustache and a beard without the sideburns. You can make it sharp by trimming the edges off completely or soft by gradually fading them to no sideburns. These beards look their best when paired with a moustache. 

Faded Circle Beard Style

Also known as goatee beard, a circle beard style works great on angular faces. In this beard style, a goatee is attached to the moustache forming a full circle. However, if it is grown out and naturally faded towards the hairline, it turns into a universal beard style for any face shape. Keep the fade gradual as it approaches your sideburns. For a sharp look clean up the edges of your beard. 

A Viking Beard

Viking beard, as the name suggests originated from the Vikings and represents strength and ruggedness. Ranging from medium to extremely long lengths, this beard style is basically a full beard and according to your taste, you can also personalise the viking beard. 

Moustache With a Soul Patch Beard Style (Goatee)

Soul patch is an easy to maintain beard style. Soul patch is also known as ‘extended goatee’ and was made popular by the actors of Hollywood.  This style is a small patch of beard under your lower lip. It will suit all face shapes and has a classic appeal to it. A hollywoodian beard is also characterised by minimal to no sideburns. 

Faded Chin Strap Beard 

A thick chin strap always creates an illusion of a sharp jawline. Combining it with a fade moving upwards from the jawline will add a lot of versitility to this classic beard style. Keep the moustache length as per the beard length and you’re done! 

Rounded, Pointy Beard 

Extremely pointy beards are great for square and round faces. Rounded beards looks great on triangular and oval face shapes. A combination of both these styles is probably the most versatile beard style option for you. 

Clean Shaved Handlebar 

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Though a simple one in appearance, this look is not everyone’s cup of tea but if you are into moustaches, its a statement look and look best with a clean shave. 


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