Diwali 2019: Significant Days, Food, And Best Places To Visit!

Diwali is celebrated all across India with great excitement uniting the whole country. In North India, it is celebrated as the homecoming of Lord Rama with Sita and Laxmana after a long exile of 14 years. In East India, it is mainly the night of ancestors and earthen oil lamps. For the natives of West […]


Indore Railway Station in Line to be India’s Most Beautiful Stations. Read Everything Inside!

Indore sure is the cleanest city in India, but the Indore railway station, umm, not so much! One of the most frequented spots in the city- the place is a major hub of activities and it is the first thing that a newcomer sees when they come to visit the town. With this in mind, […]

20 Most Popular Foreign Travel Destinations for Millennials in 2019!

We talk about Indian travel places over and over again. yet, the charm of a foreign travel is a different ballgame altogether, Be it the cleanliness, or the culture, the architectural marvels, or the life in general. Sure, India has places like these too but if you are thinking of overseas travel, we’d like to […]

Places in and Around Indore to Take Your Parents To

Thanks to the hectic lifestyle most of us are leaving, we glorify ourselves by telling people we are too ‘busy’ to do things and in the process, we end up ignoring the biggest pillars in our lives – Our Parents. Our respective jobs are making us irritated and frustrated and our parents take direct toll […]

101 Days of ‘The Spiti Valley Project’ – Aakash Ranison

June, 2017 I was in Chennai on a Hitchhiking trip. Back of my mind I was working on an idea of writing a book about my experience, learning and realisation from travel. I don’t consider myself a good writer as it’s not easy for me to jot down my thoughts. It takes a lot of […]