Indore, which is known for its cleanliness, is now struggling with the novel coronavirus. Although, there may be ample of reasons behind it the one thing which has definitely gone wrong is not following the social distancing norms. Also, recklessness in making proper arrangements despite the initial cases further worsened the matters.

Indore is the most developed and advanced city of the state. The city has an international airport, major rail and bus terminals and big industries. These apart, thousands of students from across the state and the country come here for studies. The city also provides many employment opportunities to educated youth. 

Indore being an internationally connected metropolitan city is a host to a large number of people who come here from the neighbouring states of Gujarat and Maharashtra. When the corona epidemic came to light, the arrangements that were needed in Indore were not made.

Initially, the check-up facility was not there and adding to the woes, people did not follow the social distancing norm either. So, chances are people must have come into contact with infected persons and after that, the disease spread rapidly. Other than this, there is another reason for the increasing number of patients.

Earlier, fewer samples were being taken and fewer investigation reports were coming in. Now more samples are being taken and more reports are coming in. It should not be taken in a negative way, but if more patients are being found, then it is also giving a message to be ready for further measures. 

Furthermore, while the whole country was maintaining social distancing, Indore was not following in the footsteps of others and this was the biggest reason for the spread of the disease. With the lockdown happening, efforts are now being made and it is expected that the patients will be identified soon and the city will be safe.

On a brighter note, it can’t be denied that the number of infected patients in Indore is much more than other places. But it is a matter of relief that people from only a few families are infected and only those who came in their contact got infected. The Chief Minister has urged the people to observe the lockdown and maintain social distancing. This is because the chain of the disease can be broken only by staying inside the house. 


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