Wearing masks when stepping outdoor has become a mandatory affair to protect oneself and others from COVID-19. However, people who have to wear a pair of spectacles and a mask really have it tough. Not only is it a little tough to adjust your eyewear, thanks to the advisory of not touching your face, again and again, the mask that they have to wear to protect themselves from the coronavirus often causes it to get fogged up.

As a result, people who wear spectacles often have to stop whatever it is they are doing, wipe their glasses, and put them back on. Other than the irritation it causes, it is a risky thing to do as well, for, they have to adjust their mask while in the open, or worse, they may accidentally touch their masks.

A Scottish optician gaining popularity on the internet, who goes by the name Gordon Kyle, has shared a few hacks using which one can put an end to this problem. Here’s what he says

Wearing The Spectacles On Top Of The Mask

There has to be a change in how spectacles were worn before COVID-19. Kyle advices to wear your spectacles on top of your mask. That way, you can use your spectacles and the part that touches your nose to hold the mask down in place. What this does, is that it does not let the warm air that you exhale to move towards the lenses of your glass.

Using Tissue Paper

The second tip that you should adhere to is to pad the top inside edge of your mask with a folded tissue paper. It creates a better seal which does not allow the air to escape. Furthermore, it also absorbs some of the moisture from your breath that leads to the condensation in the first place.

Tying Knots At The Cords

Thirdly, glasses should be tied-up in such a way that the cords of a mask creates a pocket sort of shape, in which you can place your face. The idea is for the mask to create as tight a seal as possible, without being too uncomfortable that you have to take it off just to breathe properly.

IndoreHD urges you to please keep your masks on and keep yourselves during this time. Do you wear eyeglasses and have the same issue? Tell us if you have come up with hacks of your own!

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