No doubt monsoon is our favourite season! Yet we all crib of all the problems it brings along. And to add on, the skin issues like complexion, zits and what not! There isn’t any “one routine which fits all” kind of a scenario when it comes to skincare. Here are 10 ways to adapt our CTM regime to cater the weather changes.

Cleansing Is A Must

Make sure to use a gentle cleanser at least 3-4 times a day to keep the excess oil away and keep the pores open for the skin to breathe properly. 

clean your skin twice a day

Incorporate The CTM Routine

Use non-alcoholic based toners to maintain the PH levels of the skin.

Even if the weather is humid, it is better to apply moisturizer as it helps maintain the hydration level of skin and also protects from occasional sunburns.

Using clay mask atleast once a week can help keeping the pores open for oily skin.

use non alcoholic toner

Exfoliation & Sunscreen

Even clouds don’t completely obstruct the UV rays! It is suggested not to skip sunscreen lotion. For all those out there who love the matte face, you can prefer the gel-based non-sticky options.

Dead cells can lead to dullness, exfoliation is a great way to get rid of it. Preferably use an exfoliator twice or thrice a week without scrubbing the skin too hard. Fuller’s earth mixed with rose water is a great natural DIY option.

use sunscreen regularly

Stay Hydrated

A humid weather may cause de-hydration as you sweat a lot during these days. It is better to drink at least eight to ten glasses of water during the day to keep your skin hydrated and away from looking dull.

Excessive humidity makes it easier for grime, dirt and germs to stick to your scalp and hence it is as necessary to take care of your scalp as to take care of facial skin. Use a gentle shampoo and conditioner daily to keep your head fresh during monsoons.

keep your skin hydrated

Avoid Heavy Makeup

Few skin types get vulnerable to sensitive during certain weather conditions and so it is better not to try artificial jewellery as it can cause rashes or redness.

Lastly, try avoiding heavy cosmetics during monsoon as the make-up can clog your pores. Sweat proof BB creams can also do the job.

avoid heavy make up

Foods To Eat For Healthy Skin

Your skin reflects what you eat. Just hydration won’t help if you eat out everyday, consume oily food, or don’t look out for your overall health. Make yourself infused water with cucumber, mint, lemon, ginger, apple etc., which are loaded with vitamins and minerals. These have a sense of taste and freshness in them that hydrates the body, provides nutrition, and imparts good metabolism. Drinking this in place of regular water can help you in Summers and can make a big difference.

Why treat pigmentation in the first place when it can be avoided? Summer fruits provide you with phyto-nutrients to give your dull complexion a natural boost. If you’re going grocery shopping, don’t forget to load up on mangoes, tomatoes, spinach, lychees, pumpkins and carrots. Fruits rich in vitamin C like kiwis and watermelons also help in rejuvenating your skin and protecting it from pigmentation.

Fresh vegetable juices like beetroot, jamun, cold brew teas, lemon water and the like add some freshness and hydration to your diet. These give a boost to your skin. We also recommend enriching your body on the inside with healthy oils and fats that can be found in walnuts, avocado, nuts, and olives. These provide Omega-3 fatty acids and improve the elasticity of the skin.

food for healthy skin

These simple ways can effectively help you take care of your skin without investing much. Make this a routine and easily get through Monsoons!

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