With COVID-19 having taken a toll on us all, the state government is slowly gearing up to revive the economy. Let’s take you through what MP is doing to bring back its economy?

The industry department in MP has identified 18 potential locations in the state to develop industrial belts.

A total number of 18 new locations in the state have been identified that can be developed into industrial belts. Five of them are nearby Indore such as Dhar, Mohana and others.  Unlike the existing areas, the new industrial belts will be developed after taking feedback from industries on their requirements and preferences for ensuring full occupancy.

Industry Department’s principal secretary was in Indore this week to pay a visit to the industrial belts. He spoke to pharmaceutical industries and asked about their concerns and suggestions for improving the ecosystem. It is  anticipated that two parks will come up in Singrauli. Furthermore, for the upcoming industrial belts, the industry department is planning to invite pre bookings from industries as the pre bookings will help in making an investor and market friendly environment in the state.In the initial phase, the department is aiming pre-bookings from mid and small sized industries in the state. 

The secretary visited the confectionery cluster and stated that the efforts are on to expedite bookings. He also visited industrial belts at Neemuch, Ratlam and Mandsaur on Tuesday and sought clarity on issues faced by industries and reasons for lack of occupancy in some industrial belts of the region situated on the outskirts.

CM emphasises on creating jobs, developing education, healthcare sectors

Madhya Pradesh chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that his government will focus on creating jobs and developing infrastructure in healthcare and education sectors as part of its focus on reviving the state’s economy following the slump created by the Covid-19 spread. 

The CM while announcing  plans to offer interest free loans of Rs 10,000 each to small traders stated that the need is to work on the economic front. Furthermore, he lauded the centre’s loan scheme for small traders and said the union government will bear 60 percent of the interest and the rest will be borne by the state government. The plan is to infuse money in the hands of small traders, vendors, kiosk owners to help them restart their business. In the rural areas, the state government will offer guarantee to the traders availing loans.

He said the government was in the process of creating a comprehensive list of beneficiaries of the interest free Rs 10,000 loan scheme.

Chouhan said since the BJP government came to power in Madhya Pradesh, a sum of Rs 26,000 crore has been pumped into the economy for welfare of people in schemes benefiting different sectors including women, migrant labourers and students.

He said that the Covid-19 spread had taxed the exchequer, but efforts are being made to overcome the situation. 


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