Let’s begin by saying, never let Social Media be your compare meter, ever! Everyone posting highlights about when they look their best, whipping up yummy dinners, going to exotic places, and working out each day, all of this sounds too good to be true. No one is posting their sad days, the days they don’t feel good on, or skipped the gym because they snoozed their alarms thrice, no one is telling you the less glamorous days of waking up with no ambition, or crying over weight issues, or having a really bad day at work!

All the money in the world can’t buy you back good health. 

While there’s no dictating what women should look like, being fit for our own self, to be able to function for the long life ahead of us, and being strong and resilient for ourselves is a great choice. And why just women, men should understand that obesity, or not taking charge of your own health will result in greater illnesses once you cross your 30s.

Okay, enough with the preaching, let’s take you through some super ways to help you stay motivated and never miss a workout again. Whether you go to the gym or workout at home, whether you skip the rope, walk, or do some yoga by yourself, these ways will help you set a clock for yourself and will help you maintain a routine.

Find something that you really like

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Let’s face it – some of us hate the gym. And there’s no shame in admitting that ahead of a tiring day, or after one, some of us don’t have the heart to pick up heavy weights at the gym. So, no matter how many motivational videos you listen to, or how many times you try to maintain a long streak of everyday-is-gym-day, your energy levels are going to burn out soon and you will fall back in to existential loop of ‘I missed the gym for a week’. It’s therefore best to pick something that you like and can follow. A zumba class, yoga, brisk walking and skipping, some home workout, can equally benefit your body, and more instead of a routine cannot keep up with.

Get company

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Your neighbor can come in handy when you want to amp up your routine. A roommate or a soulmate would also be fine (grins). This will greatly help when you choose to conveniently snooze the alarm and go back to sleep. You fitness partner will kick you out of bed and you can maintain your fitness journey, you can also do it the other way around. On a serious note, having a partner will help make your workout routines fun. So much so that you will end up looking forward to working out the next day.

Make your own routine

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Internet is a great place to learn a new skill. Begin by writing down the time of the day you are flexible with. Taking out time in the morning or evening or as per your continence can be a great start. Next, notice what you like is it a regular gym/yoga class, or walking in a park, or skipping everyday, or doing some yoga, find something that you can easily incorporate in your daily life. And then, make yourself a nice little routine, where you wake up each morning, have some tea and you are out stretching, or skipping, or getting dressed for the gym. Don’t blindly follow fad diets, or crash courses. Good health is an investment, make sure you choose and plan wisely without longing for quick results.

Reward yourself

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It is a thing that comes with practice and self-control, but can go a long way. Eating that piece of cake mindfully after completing a week long workout can be the most satisfying cheat day. If there’s something you really like, like getting a manicure on Sunday, skip that if you’ve avoided working out for quite some time. Try and be your own master, it will really help you achieve steady good health.

Do a quick 7 min workout

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If walking, running, skipping, or gymming are too much for you, try a fat burning 7 minute/ 10 minute or a quick HIIT workout that requires no equipment (Know how). This will get your energy levels high, will burn calories, and will instantly lift up your mood.

Focus on the result Giving your body some form of exercise will not only help burn of extra calories, but will also put you in a happier mood. It will help you get a glowing skin, while getting rid of toxins in the process. Focus on the long term results, like channelizing how you can fit in your old pair of jeans. Also notice how good you feel after having done some sort of workout.

Hope we were able to make some valid points to help you stick to whichever form of exercise you choose for yourself. If you have better ways, do share with us in the comments below.

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