Cleanliness and Indore go hand in hand. The city has made its mark and is now synonymous with the tag of the Cleanest City in India. And, if we talk about the present scenario, Indore is on the fast track to becoming one of the best all-round cities in India.

In the lieu of the same, there is a plan to install the world’s largest octa-metal statue of the Indian deity Hanuman at Indore. This will add to the already vibrant cityscape and will become another place that tourists can enjoy.

72 foot tall lord Hanuma's statue- IndoreHD

As per reports, there is a concrete plan to install a 72-foot tall Lord Hanuman’s statue in Indore. This in itself is something rather ambitious and will be the tallest Hanuman statue in the world. It seems like the ultimate goal- to promote tourism- is the driving force behind this project.

The statue is not just unique for being the tallest Hanuman statue, but also the tallest octa-metal statue of the deity. According to the sources,  the statue took about 15 years to complete and will be inaugurated sometime in February. 

biggest hanuman idol at Pitra Parvat- IndoreHD

The statue has been built atop a hill called Pitra Parvat, which is essentially an area where people would plant trees to pay respects to their ancestors. This is indeed a befitting location for such a monumental statue.

Surely this is a matter of pride for Indoris. The city has been on a developmental roll off late and this sort of an update just lifts our spirits. Indore city will soon be known for more than just cleanliness and its heritage, but also for being one of the most attractive tourist hotspots of the year.

The addition of this 72-foot statue will certainly turn over a new leaf for tourism in the city.

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