Indore, which is developing at a phenomenal rate is increasingly becoming a concrete jungle. With constructions taking place all across , its a mystery how nature manages to thrive and survive in such an environment. Read on to know more how the city authorities are planning to keep up with the oxygen levels.

What are Oxygen Parks?

Oxygen parks are an expanse of a huge area with thousands of oxygen generating plants. These plants are specifically those which generate 24 hour oxygen. These parks are designed to be lungs of the city, and constantly help purify the ever increasing polluted air.

The Municipal Corporation carefully picks trees and plants which require less care and supervision, and can combat drought. These huge parks ensure a regulation of micro-climate in the city. They help lower the temperature, and also enable even rainfall owing to the rain laden winds.

India is quickly hopping on the green wagon with several big corporates adapting the idea into their infrastructure. While Indore itself has seen extensive plantation drives recently, one popular example of reviving the green belt manually is the Noida-Delhi highway which has this concept on display. The authorities ensure regular maintenance too.

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How Is Indore Going To Get Its Oxygen Park?

According to recent media reports, various plantation drives have been carried across around the city which will serve as the stepping stone for oxygen parks for the city. As the city is rapidly expanding with more and more area being covered with concrete, these plantations will in near future serve for the need of required oxygen levels in the rapidly growing city infrastructure.

Apart from sowing 50000 sapling across and around the city , many organisations have come up with CSR initiatives to plant more 5000 plus sapling along highways and city roads to provide much needed green cover in many parts of the city.

This will ensure that even in the worst of climatic situations, Indore will still be a greener city which will protect itself from drastic global warming situations. 

Also, being the cleanest city of the country this could ensure that such steps would make the city better in terms of atmospheric cleanliness and ease of breathability.

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In India, a few cities already have such parks owing to the increase in urbanization and deteriorating air quality. Several cities in India like Hyderabad, Ranchi, and Surat have municipal administration working to restore healthy levels of quality air. Oxygen parks are a part of this preventive yet proactive approach.

While India is adapting to the approach steadily, it does make sense that the purification, cleaning, and restoring the nature’s balance is as important as new age technology that’s making our lives easier.

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