Is Netflix Lowering its Subscription Fee in India? All You Need to Know!

    Binge-watching Content on Netflix has become a part of people’s routine. But not everyone can afford the subscription. Hence, Netflix is testing a mobile plan worth Rs 349 which is much cheaper than the basic Netflix plan priced at Rs 499 per month. Let’s have a look at the details:-

    The previous year, a mobile only subscription plan was launched by Netflix for India worth Rs 199.  The plan has been well received by the users in the country. However, it was restricted to standard definition (SD). Now, the streaming platform is testing to introduce a Rs 349 plan which is much cheaper than the basic Netflix plan priced at Rs 499 per month.

    According to the Netflix, the main intention behind launching this mobile plan was to make it easier for anyone with smartphone to enjoy Netflix. This plan is only available for selected users and is under the testing zone; the key highlight of which is its HD streaming. 

    The subscribers can avail this plan on smartphones, tablet, computer. However, it will not work on TV. Just like the basic Netflix plan, this, too is confined to one device at a time. Only one person is eligible to stream content on Netflix at a time.

    Features of the upcoming plan of Netflix subscription:

    1. The upcoming mobile plan at Rs 345 supports HD streaming, unlike the basic plan which supports only SD streaming. 

    2. Although both plans can work only in one device at a time, the difference between these two plans is that the expensive one can stream content on TV as well.

    3. For those of you who don’t mind not streaming content on TV, this mobile Netflix plan looks like a much better deal than Rs 499 plan. 

    As far as the existing plans of Netflix subscription is concerned, the streaming platform offers a standard plan worth Rs 649 per month and Rs 799 premium plan. The Rs 649 standard plan offers HD streaming and supports two screens at a time whilst the Rs 799 premium plan offers 4K, HDR content, and supports UHD streaming on four screens at the same time.

    With so many OTT platforms available for viewers, by introducing affordable plans,  Netflix wants to compete with other popular streamings services in the country such as Hotstar Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Zee5, among others.

    Netflix, in a letter, had earlier stated that how mobile only plan in India had better retention wherein it stated that their  approach with pricing is to grow revenue and so far, uptake and retention on the mobile plan in India has been better than the  initial testing suggested. This has allowed Netflix to invest more in Indian content to further satisfy their members.


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