While taking a long break from work might not be an ideal scenario for all, taking a weekend long break is something all of us can afford. Whether it is a long drive with friends, a road trip with cousins, or a romantic getaway with your significant other, these locations which are not too far away from Indore can be an ideal pick for the coming months.

From exotic religious places to stunning historical places, Indore is exceptionally located within close proximity to some of India’s finest tourist destinations, people from around the country flock to popular places near Indore like Bhopal and Vadodara, all of which lie within 500 kilometres from Indore and are well connected by roads and public transportation. All of these are either historical places, religious sites, lakes or national parks.

The best time to visit these destinations on a short weekend trip of 2-3 days are the months between July-November when the weather is perfect to enjoy all the attractions and places near Indore. Let’s take you through some of our picks for upcoming weekends.


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Chittorgarh, the erstwhile capital of Mewar under the Rajputs, sees a raging number of tourists every year, It is an extremely popular destination for history buffs, photographers and regular travel buffs alike. TheChittorgarh fort which can be spotted from afar, situated on a hill is surrounded by water bodies, towers, temples and palaces and is considered to be one of the strongest forts in India. Keep aside at least half a day to explore this lovely architectural site lest you miss out on one of Rajasthan’s most treasured spots.

While Padmaavat made Rajasthan’s culture all the more famous, Jauhar Mela is another time of peak excitement for the local people. You will get to witness a whole lot of food stalls, games, and local crowds. You can also visit the Gaumukh Reservoir, Meera Temple and the popular Jain temples. When it comes to accommodation, Chittorgarh has tons of fantastic choices including guesthouses and luxurious hotels.

Suited for longer weekends, Chhitaurgarh is 6 h 23 min away (338.6 km) via Mhow – Neemuch Road.


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Adorned by many natural and as well as manmade lakes and water bodies, Bhopal is often referred to as the ‘City of Lakes.’ From the Bhimbetka Rock Caves, the Upper Lake, food at the historic Lazeez Hakeem Restaurant, and many different mosques, Bhopal is a delightful and affordable city.
ISRO’s Master Control Facility and the famous National Institute of Technical Training and Research (NITTTR), AIIMS and BHEL are also in Bhopal. From places to historic relevance, to good food, and water bodies, this place is an easy drive from Indore.

Bhopal is 3 h 43 min away (193.5 km) via Indore – Bhopal Road.


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Famous for the Sanch stupa, and believed to hold the bones and beads of some of Buddha’s closest disciples, Sanchi is quite a pleasant destination to be. Discoveries by Alexander Cunningham in the year 1851, Sanchi is holds an important position for the Buddhist community. It is believed that Emperor Ashoka had turned this place into an important Buddhist site during the 3rd century BCE, this making Sanchi the oldest Buddhist site to have ever existed. The structures here date back to the 1st century BCE. Visiting Sanchi can be a great history lesson, while you marvel at magnificent stupas and enjoy lazy strolls around Sanchi.

Sanchi is 4 h 25 min away (237.8 km) via Indore – Bhopal Road.


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A great travel destination for history buffs and art enthusiasts, Baroda or Vadodra is another place not too far away from Indore. The town is known for the grand Laxmi Vilas Palace and the Fatehsingh Museum. If you are fond of art and culture, Fateshsingh museum is the place to be. It is home to
numerous rare and beautiful paintings, sculptures and murals from all over the world, collected by the royal family. You can also visit Sayaji Baug which is a lush, refreshing garden in the middle of the city. It is the perfect place to visit if you are travelling with children since it has a small kid’s zone, a cafeteria, a small museum and a zoo. Vadodara is not a very chill, Instagram friendly destination, but if you are into history and culture, give it a try for sure.

Vadodra is 5 h 56 min away (338.1 km) via NH47.


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Hailed as one of the finest surviving examples of early Indian art, Ajanta caves date back to the 100 BC, and are a complex of 29 rock-cut caves around modern-day Aurangabad. The caves once served as a seat of learning for the Buddhists.

The world famous mural paintings in tempera technique from both the early and later periods of time found here as a fine example of religious influences. Graceful sculptures illustrate the exotic relationship between a man and a woman. The other noteworthy ornamentation of the Ajanta Caves are the Chaitya pillars. Beautiful wooden architectural styles on the octagonal pillars tapering inward envelope the paintings from the 1st to 6th century AD. The standing statue of Sahyadri-style Buddha is also a remarkable sculpture here.
Located in the Waghora river valley, each of these caves were once connected to the Waghora stream by a flight of stairs. The ruins remain today. Ajanta is a great place to dig on some architectural beauty while marveling at religious influences from the past.

Ajanta is 7 h 35 min away (349.8 km) via NH52.


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For those to love sight-seeing, Panchmari is the way to go! From viewpoints, to rock cut caves, from lush green forests to cascading waterfalls, wildlife to extensive water bodies, there are so many places for you to visit. Some of the best things to do in Pachmarhi are Sunder Kund, Pandav Caves, Catholic Church and Satpura National Park. Mahadeo Hills is home to cave paintings, as old as 10,000 years and the area around forests of Pachmarhi. The meandering roads through the groves will effortlessly take you through the picturesque spaces, old cottages, and gardens which have an air of tranquillity and old world charm about them. While several restaurants line up throughout, accommodation options in terms of hotels and luxury stays are plenty!

Panchmari is 8 h 29 min away (338.9 km) via MP SH 22.


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While Summers might not be the ideal time to visit Kota, it sure is a good place for a quick getaway. With new food places coming up everyday, Kota is home to several educational coaching centers, and the beehive of cycles lined every now and then gives an insight into how much buzz the country has around engineering still. Coming back to popular places, Jagmandir Palace, Kishore Sagar, Chambal Gardens and Gaipernath Waterfalls should definitely be part of your itinerary. The Seven Wonders Park in Kota is a definite place to be at; with its replicas of the Seven Wonders of the World, including the Leaning Tower of Pisa and Pyramids of Egypt, and the backdrop of a lake. this is quite a spot to be.

Don’t miss out on Rajasthani cuisine, Dal bati churma, pyaaz ki kachori and Kota kachori are some of the must-try dishes and you’ll find them in every nook and corner of the city.

Kota is 7 h 18 min away (319.0 km) via MP SH 27 and NH52 .

These can the perfect offbeat destinations which are only a drive away from Indore and can be explored within a weekend. Some of these are 6-7 hours away and ideal for longer weekends, while some are just a few hours away, great for a quick weekend escape.

If you happen to travel to any of these places, let us know your experience.

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