Since the lockdown was imposed by the Prime Minister, many of us didn’t step out of our homes and when we got a chance to step out through Unlock, it was with restrictions. The freedom which we enjoyed before Coronavirus doesn’t exist in the current times and hence,  it is extremely important for all of us to stay positive and fight this together. Here’s how you can master positivity in the times of coronavirus lockdown.

Nobody in their wildest dreams thought that the world will go for a toss and being surrounded by doom and gloom— news of death and ailment, it becomes difficult to be able to stay positive.Since most of the news associated with the virus talks of how the virus is inversely affecting major cities, businesses, economies, and the life count; it is fairly easy to be lost in all the negativity and the drastic long-term changes it brings. During such times, optimism is not a friend of even the strongest among us.

However, it is imperative for all of us to not be wrapped up with each article of news, or every new facet of the fast-spreading virus aside from how we can protect ourselves from Coronavirus.  It is similar to what we say, too much of something is harmful. In this case, it is harmful to our mental health. Keeping your mental health in mind, here are some ways which can help you stay positive during this time :-

Limit Your Intake – Reading News on the Phone

Many of us have resorted to planning our days around the news hour in a bid to learn more about the dangers of the coronavirus. Although, it’s good to be aware but you should actively avoid spending every waking moment looking up 24-hour news channels. 

Don’t panic – This too shall pass

Trust me, you don’t know your own strengths. In these testing times, it is fairly easy to be engulfed in the hopelessness that the pandemic brings with it, but hope goes a long way. Hope is what keeps us going. Get hope from your past resilience. Know that you will get through this. You have got through so many things in the past because of your strength, and you will conquer this as well. 

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

How many times has it happened that in order to take our mind off of stressful things,  Dog videos helped us relax. In the same way you are experiencing a  pandemic that might crush your spirits? Watch a fun video! Understand that Dumbledore was indeed right when he said, “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light.” Allow happiness to seep through to you in these dark times, one video at a time!

Extend A Hand To Those Who Need You

If your immune system is able to put up a fight against coronavirus, understand that you’re incredibly lucky. You may be at a low risk of consequences, but there are many who aren’t that lucky. Many people’s immune systems are compromised. Helping them at a time when even going out to get groceries can be horrible for them, make sure to help every chance you get. Of course, maintain social distance. 

Support Your Favorite Local Business

Since the lockdown has led to the closing down of many restaurants and cafes across the country, most small businesses have taken a hit. They’re struggling to keep the restaurant in business and provide for their staff. You could support your favourite outlet by donating directly on their websites.

Learn a New Skill during the Lockdown

There is an abundance of time, now that we are at home at all times. Now’s the time to work on everything you neglected in the past due to lack of time. Learn something new or  go back to an old hobby, stay happy during this lockdown! 

Practice Random Acts of Kindness

Leave an envelope with a little gift for the Amazon, Swiggy, Dunzo delivery person who drops off your supplies outside your door. Or feed the strays in your locality. Your kindness doesn’t require a monetary outlay. Write an unsolicited book review for a friend of yours who is an author. Comment on a colleague’s LinkedIn post. Send a note of appreciation to a friend or colleague. 

Do a daily gratitude journal

Close your day, every day, with a positive acknowledgment of something you accomplished, learned or are grateful for. It will help dilute some of the negativity you’ve absorbed and reminds you that not everything that’s happening right now is bad or depressing.

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