Influencer yet? These Social Media Dos and Don’ts can help you become one!

Everyone is talking about the Influencer trend on Social Media, infact these few years have seen a rapid rise in how we view Social Media! Now every picture people post is a creative zing between righteousness and wanting to be a Diva. Well, nothing wrong in that until things go a little too vain, a […]


Central India’s First Magatory: Making Wonders in the Digital World

Do you want to make your Business noticed? This is an age of technology and those days are gone when you used to rely on old means of promotion. Indore is coming up well with the idea of virtual marketing and now stands neck to neck with cities like Ahmadabad, Bangalore, and Chandigarh etc. If […]

So you think you can manage your Facebook page-Indore-HD

So you think you can manage your Facebook page?

From sneezing to bringing business, we virtually live on FACEBOOK. So you think you can manage your Facebook Page? Here are some steps that would break the myth. Once we used to live on Earth then we found FACEBOOK and the world got changed we eat- we party- we wake up; from getting engaged to going back […]