robotic jellyfish

IIT Indore Invents Robotic Jellyfish To Keep A Check On The Marine Ecosystem. Know How!

Students under the guidance of IA Palani, head of Mechatronic and instrumentation laboratory (Asst. Prof. of Mechanical Engineering IIT Indore) have developed polymer-based soft robotic jellyfish for noiseless marine life monitoring. According to Palani, soft robotics is an emerging domain in the field of robotics, which has challenged traditional engineering approaches. According to him, Shape […]

A New Milestone For Indore- IIT Indore

Every city stands with a unique identity but when it’s about Indore, the number of identities do not limit to one. What’s that one thing Indore stands for according to you? Is it ‘the foodie city of India’ or ‘the Swachh Bharat’ that strikes your mind first? Or are you considering ‘the best airport’ or […]