5 indore monsoon food items

5 Jhannat food items that have replaced Pakodas this monsoon!

When it rains the very next thought is about Pakodas, but let’s ditch the idea of eating Pakodas and read this interesting list of 5 indore monsoon food items. Indore is an undisputed and uncrowned food capital of this country and when it comes to anything that remotely relates to food – This city has at […]

5 Monsoon Food Items of Indore that You can’t Resist

Monsoon Food Items of Indore can be an endless wishlist by wide spread chatora population all over from the city.  But Let’s start it this way – When it rains in Indore, no wonder, what is an average Indori person thinks off while watching the rains ?? Yes, you are right from your heart – undoubtedly it’s FOOD! […]